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Default Ulti's Sieg gameplay guide for ninjas in training (Stage/Myth only)

This is a public service announcement from Fusion and Ulti, da ninja..Because being level 75 and still using AAAAA is really garbage of you.

Anyways, this is a general analysis of Every Sieg skill. Granted, I'm not here to just give you my point of view and tell you "OMG MAX THIS", I'm not here to praise this class, and I'm not here to make you the most skilled sieg in the game (because that spot is reserved for me) because, ultimately, it's your choice, but instead, I'll give you the uses of each and every skill in stages and myth.

For an overview on each skill, refer to gladiat's guide: /forum/sieg-guides/5...9-02-09-a.html




Got that? good.

First off, I'm Ulti (or xVertigo in game) and I've been playing Lunia since the beginning of open beta testing. I've played a Sieg for over a year and a half, and I've played every other class to some extent as well (with the exception of Lime and Kali)

oh and, if I come off as a jerk, good! Don't take it personally =)

If anyone has any questions on this guide, or is just looking for advice, feel free to contact me in game, leave a message, or otherwise, ask here.
__________________________________________________ ________________

About Siegs:

Ok, to start, I'm gonna be real honest with you. If you chose Sieg, you better be ready to put in some effort to be efficient at it, and no, doing that really stupid AAAAA that I see A LOT of people do (Yes, you) isn't going to cut it.

All in all, it dosen't take much effort to be good at the game, although some people need their hand held until level 80, but generally, as a sieg, your role in a party is quite simple, help manage aggro, protect others when the situation calls for it, and, omg, this is so damage! :zip:

Knights are unmatched when it comes to managing, maintaining, and redirecting aggro in provocation (provoke or "voke" for short), they are also very good at dealing damage at a consistent rate, and yeah, people that think that's false haven't played a knight, and if they have, they haven't played and/or built it well.

Invincibility frames are vast a many within our skills, with Flying Dragon Sword, both Destruction Fists, Blow, Play Dead (yes, it has invincibility), combined with counterattack against physical attacks, magic defense against magic attacks, minimize damage, protective fortitude, the list goes on...

All in all, knight's provide great stability to the party, I wouldn't go as far as to say they're the backbone, considering most people's skill level, many people view Eirs (possibly Kriegs) as such, which isn't a bad thing.

There aren't many notable weaknesses that a knight possesses, a common misconception that has been going on for a long time (mainly started by dacy's when they were on their ego trip a while back, what happened to them?) is that siegs lack damage...

Now...with this, I'm going to be really honest.

Yes, they do, because every sieg that those people ran into at that time made the class itself look so bad, it's not even funny. (sucks to be you)

Granted, we aren't the best damage dealers, heck, we aren't even 2nd best, (probably not even 3rd, discouraged yet?), and the more you suck at playing this class, the worse it'll get.

a Sieg's damage is nothing to laugh at, but more importantly than any other class, you HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to build your character CORRECTLY, as this will bring out as much damage as you possibly could, no less. I cannot stress this enough. If you're running around, using AAAAA on everything you see, and getting laughed at by every other class, then you got some work to do.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Non-skill commands you should know, and know well

No, you don't have to learn how to windmill, windmill cancel, windmill shift, and etc. But you DO need to know these:

A, S, Space, Space that's A, then S, then TWO spaces, not 3, not 4, two...

Why only 2? Because you can dash out of that animation at 2 and only 2, enabling you to go back into another A, S, Space, Space. This is the best non skill combination a knight has, and if you don't know it, learn it. it will more than triple your damage output when not using a skill.

Sidestep There are 2 commands for sidestepping, Dash A+S to side step facing Siegs left, and Dash A+Space to side step to Siegs right. If you want to maximize your mobility, learn these, while you dont necessarily need to learn it, it can help very, very much.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Tip's for Stages/Myth

This is pretty straightforward, but again, I hardly see Siegs do these...what, are you that scared to die or something? get over it, it's your job to put your life on the line to help out everyone else...get used to it. If a situation gets rough, and your 2 healers are stuck in a corner at a raid with a mob on their butts, guess who has to get the mob off of them?

You should be ready, anytime, and everytime, to take a life to save another, because quite frankly, you're the ONLY class who can do it and do it really well.

As far as skill's go, as I said before, It's your decision on what skills to get, except for this one..


There is no arguement to this, never has been. This skill is the reason why you can save other's from dying to a crapton of mobs, this skill is the reason why you can keep monsters ganged up for everyone else to kill FAST (which a lot of people don't know how to do), this skill is the reason why you can bring bosses out of harm's way for a period of time while your team regroups, this skill can single handedly save a stage for you.


It's simple, provocation temporarily slows all monsters within a 60(?) range semi circle in front of the caster, it also temporarily redirects all aggro in a full circle 60 range to YOU.

Oh...that sucks, all monsters are aggroed to me and it dosen't do damage...I don't wanna die blahblahblah (someone actually said that)

Unless you wanna let your entire myth/raid party down when they needed you the most, you'll max this skill, no questions asked. Get it, learn it, learn to love it, and stop partying with nubs that don't appreciate it.

And not knowing how to use it is no excuse for not getting it.

Learn what attacks are physical, what attacks are magical, and what attacks are both or neither.

This is very, very helpful in knowing the best, most efficient way of dealing with a monster, boss, mob, etc. by either using counterattack to ward off one or even more of a physical attack, or using magic defense against mass beams about to smash your face. very few attacks can you use both of these skills, and some attacks you can't use either.

An example for each:

Physical attacks: Sikan's stabbing attacks, Daru's axe swings, Foriel's pushes, Rigel's Staff hitting the ground before healing, Soldin's purple spear attacks.

Magical attacks: Rigel's dragon, all of Foriel's other attacks. All of 2nd form Daru's fire attacks (duh)

Non-attribute attacks (this means that neither magic defense, nor counter attack will work, in some cases, not even play dead will: Temple guard's stomp, Room of Ordeal's rocks, Baphomet's Instant 0 (during the 3rd part only), Lunia's Judgement attack.

Both Physical and Magical attacks (meaning you can use either magic defense or counter attack against these types of attacks) Griffon's counter attack, Rotem's large AOE, Adaman golem's large AOE.

Also, it dosen't hurt to figure these things out on your own by trying me...I remember getting owned by temple guards constantly in 3-10L a year or so back, just to figure out that I couldn't counter or mag def against it.
__________________________________________________ ___

Last but not least

Have some fun! if you're willing to take your skill to the next level, then you'll be very much rewarded for your efforts, people...well, smart people...will know that they can rely on you to help them out when their in a jam in that coc2 party, and you can definitely improve more and more as you go.

As previously stated, if there are any questions, or if I made a mistake somewhere, feel free to post here, or message/mail me in game. (I unfortunately don't respond to ijji PM's, sorry D=)

and really...stop with the AAAAA.