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"Oh...! I just prefer my partners to be experienced, that's all. Ahaha... " Sylvana thought aloud, smiling innocently at their reactions.

As she caught the scent of the tea, she felt someone place her hand near the warm cup. " Thanks Milly. I'll be fine, don't you worry. " Sylvana calmly said, carefully handling the cup with her dainty fingers.

As clumsy as the blind Reyvateil appeared to be, she seemed to know her way around a teacup very well. Closing her eyes to take a sip, Sylvana didn't miss a beat as she perfectly set down her cup without incident.

" Hm... you know, our Lady Analea should loosen up a bit. She's always so stiff around most of the Vanguards, you know? " Sylvana wondered aloud, taking another sip of her tea.