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" Oh of course you have. Don't worry, a lady can tell. " Sylvana chuckled, referring to Angelito's gruff and mature voice. A grown man like him would have probably done 'it' with a lot of Reyvateils by now. Or so she thought.

" So Ange, how many Reyvateil's have you dived into so far? " Sylvana asked, still giggling. She suddenly let out a cry of surprise however, realizing her own question.

" Ah, I'm sorry... I shouldn't pry, ehehe... " Sylvana apologized, scratching the side of her head with a ditzy smile.

A familiar voice interrupted her conversation, coupled by what felt like two pairs of legs entering the room; one light, and the other slightly heavier. " Oh Miss Milly! Please do, I'd love to have some tea. " Sylvana happily said, waving her hand in Milliam's supposed direction.