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" Oh, they were silver weren't they? They take care of me here in so many ways, even with my hair, heehee. " Sylvana giggled, clearly implying that she didn't fix it on her own. Not that she was able to anyway.

" Angelito, was it? It's a pleasure. I'm in your care for today then. Please be gentle. " Sylvana turned towards the new voice, smiling in the Vanguard's direction. She seemed a bit confused, but still looked helpful at Angelito's query however.

" But you don't sound like a girl at all, so that means you must be a Vanguard right? You mean to say you haven't done 'it' with a Reyvateil then? " Sylvana queried, looking a bit perplexed at the young Vanguard. " I take it you both must be new here then, am I right? Heehee, well don't worry, I'll see to it that you both get along well! " Sylvana smiled, not at all privy to her own bad pun.