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Default [Sacchari] Choosing an Element Guide

Choosing an Element Guide
This guide is to hopefully help out any Sheep who is confused about which element to pick.

The Elements
To start, you can pick two elements, but only certain combinations. The combinations are Fire/Lightning, Fire/Earth, Earth/Wind, Wind/Water, and Water/Lightning.

Recommended builds: 1432 or 1441 Ring builds
Element Combinations: Lightning or Earth
Fire is a high damage, low accuracy element. Its second skill, Phobos Blast, requires a level 10 Ring to learn and from what I hear has a AoE like Ring.
My opinion: Fire is for someone who likes to hit and run. I don't think that it blends all that well with Earth, since earth has slow casttimes, but if you are a 'high damage at any cost' kinda guy Earth/Fire could be for you. If you go Fire/Lightning, you can pull off an Arrow Rush build, and Arrow Rush is the best first job spell at high levels.

Recommended builds: 1423 or 1414 Ring builds
Element Combinations: Fire or Wind
Earth is a lower damage, high accuracy, slow element with a large AoE and a high MP cost. Its second skill requires level 10 Ring and has scaled damage (gets smaller the further away from the center) Also keep in mind that there are many monsters are weak to Earth.
My opinion: I think Earth goes along very nicely with Wind. Earth/Wind is the best for AoE sheep. From what I've heard, both skills have a good range. Earth doesn't seem to be terribly popular.

Recommended builds: 1423 or 1414 Storm builds
Element Combinations: Water or Earth
Wind has fast, small, AoE attacks with reasonably high accuracy that cost very little MP. You need a ton of defense and hp to get by with this element, since you need to be right next to the monsters to hit them. The second skill requires level 10 Storm.
My opinion: Wind blends very well with both Earth and Water. Go Wind/Earth for the ultimate AoE mage or Wind/Water for a more balanced sheep. I'd say don't have anything less then a 3 in charm for a Wind sheep.


Recommended builds: 1441, 1432 Arrow Builds (need mana web)
Element Combinations: Wind or Lightning
Water is fairly average all around, with above average accuracy. However, it's second skill combines Mana Web (you need it at at least level one) and Drip Bomb to slow the enemies attacking speed down. Drip Bomb only attacks one monster. The third job skill requires level 10 Arrow and I do believe is AoE.
My opinion: I don't know much about water, but the people who use it seem to be pretty happy with it. I see a lot of videos of high level water sheep owning in Tabasco volcano. Water/Lightning is very popular.

Recommended builds: 1441, 1432 Arrow or Ring Builds
Element Combinations: Water or Fire
Lightning is relatively average as well, but it "jumps" from the main target to others around it, making it a nice little AoE. Also, the second skill is a passive skill that adds stun onto Electro Attack. Lightning's third job skill requires level 10 Arrow.
My opinion: I think Lightning/Water and Lightning/Fire are both good combinations. Lightning ends up with more left over TM points then any other element, so it goes well with Arrow Rush.

EDIT: Spell Ranking
A lot of people seem to be talking about which spell is the most powerful and least powerful and so on, so I calculated each one at MA= 500. All of the formulas were taken from Minty's sheep guide, so I'm not 100% on how accurate this is. No weaknesses or strengths were taken into account.

1: Incinerate (fire)
2: Whirlwind (wind)
3: Flame Tornado (fire)
4: Summon Boulder (earth)
5: Drip Bomb (water)
6: Wind Blade (wind)
7: Electro Shock (lightning)
8: Cleaving Terra (earth)