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Question puhhh PvM chars.

Uhm yeah hi its me again.
The biggest noob from Jewelia xD

I only want to know which char is really good for PvM/Bossing.
(I really dont care about strange or something like this)

I have a Water/Thunder Soulmaster x3, a HV no evo Prima (maybe changing her to diva if primas get more evo skills) and a AP warrior (GS+GLS user)

I love my sheep and my cat but my bull... boring and the low WT is x(

so what about a 3124, 2134 raccoon? (DP, HP, AP/HV, AP...)
are they good for PvM?

so peace and thx for every reply
It sucks that there are so many unfriendly player at trickster...
hmmm yeah sry if my sig is to direct.