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" Excuse me... "


" Pardon me...! "


" Oh my! "

The muffled noises of what sounded like some sort of scuffle could be heard outside the conference room, a female's apologetic voice following each sound. A few raps on the door shortly followed, before it swung open, a tall, silver-haired beauty gracefully stepping into the room.

Though there was no breeze, Sylvana Rangris' white robes seemed to sway in tune to her movements with each graceful stride. Her steps made nary a sound on the ground as she slowly made her way towards the back of the room, a silver cane in her right hand incessantly rapping the floor in front of her. The girl's expression was serene, a peaceful smile on her face, although her deep blue eyes seemed unfocused and she was staring straight ahead for the most part. The scene seemed to be perfect, until...

Ouch! Sylvana yelped, her bare foot striking one of the table's legs with a generous THUMP! The Reyvateil clutched her foot for a moment, grimacing in pain before calling out for her superior, Milliam.

Miss Milly~, oh Miss Milly, are you there? I got your letter... I'm not late am I? Sylvana questioned, her head turning slowly from side to side as if to look for Milliam. For some reason, the silver-haired Reyvateil seemed completely oblivious to the presence of the two other people in the room, or the fact that Milliam wasn't even there.

Finding the top of a chair, Sylvana promptly took her seat, a clueless but somehow serene expression still on her face as she tried to sense if there were any other people in the room. Upon seating herself, the Reyvateil noticed the air beside her was slightly different. Sylvana turned towards the source, flashing a smile at the one seated next to her.

Oh, hello there. Did you get the letter too? Sylvana asked in a friendly tone, sensing that the one beside her was a girl, and a young one at that. The traces of a light, fragrant perfume was enough for Sylvana to assume that it was a young lady. Her gaze was a bit off however, missing the girl's face by a few degrees.