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((So KoS people have no missions atm? Sweet, to a cafe I go!))

Ren Aeoneous fiddled with his omelette, digging small holes in it with his fork. It's not that he didn't like the food, he hadn't even tried it yet. It was just that the food reminded him of someone close to him.

"It was her favorite food. Never got around to trying it." Ren smiled weakly, she had always insisted for him to have a bite. "Here goes." Ren counted down in his head while he took a piece off the omelette and placed it in his mouth, letting his taste buds take over.

"It's a little sweet." Ren savoured the taste, it wasn't that bad.

After he finished his meal, he thanked the counter and left his tip along with the payment before walking out the door. He had a list of items he needed from the general shop, ranging from food to other ingredients that he may need for later.

Ren helped himself through the general shop doors, and was casually greeted by the attendant. He had visited the shop enough times to be an instant recognition. That and he really never had to say what he needed anymore.

"The usual?"

"Yeah, that and I'm just going to check out the shelves. Thanks." Ren walked towards the shelves, looking at all the knick knacks and other accessories that lined the rows.

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