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Default This is our Song - Ar tonelico RP

Make sure you read ALL the rules in the first post, and post your character info and register them in the OOC thread.

World setting:

Many centuries ago, there were those who sang. They sang out of joy, out of anger, out of sorrow. They sang to create life and love. But now, those who sing are scarce.

In the floating world of Ar Ciel, there is the songless continent of Revm Ciel, the dreamy land. A war rages behind the scenes, between Reyvateils that are oppressed, the ones that want peace, and the humans that want to enslave them.

In this world, the voices of the singing maidens ring out and echo in the wind, creating and ending life, bringing forth both hope and destruction.

An on this floating land, there are two convocations, the peace loving Knights of sunlight, who want nothing more than for Humans, Teru and Reyvateils to be able to coexist, and the proactive Soldiers of Soare, whose goal is to liberate the oppressed Reyvateils and not only give them freedom and equality, but to retroactively punish the humans that have made Reyvateils suffer.


Available slots: 3 left! All Reyvateils.

Knights of Sunlight:

1. Mirei Elorei (Lendisa)
2. Solfège (Kotarou)
1. Artemis Indukala (Sandrie)

Soldiers of Soare

2. Lily Scott (Mitchi)
3. Sylvana Rangris (Maget)
1. Angelito Verde (PedroRomero)
2. Kress Lunera (FlamesBlader)


Soldiers of Soare HQ
Location: Silverdrop

A modest building built into a cave in the mountains, with a small and traditional eastern looking tea house and cafe, known as "The silver plum" as a front. Inside it contains the following rooms: A conference hall, Milliam's Office, Milliam and Lady Analea's bedroom, a Dualstall bath, a store house, and a small library. The Soldiers of Soare provide housing facilities in three apartment buildings. Each one has rather nice amenities, and most of the Reyvateil dwellings are in women only sections of the buildings. It is rumored that there are secret passageways carved into the mountains.

Leader: Lady Analea Lute Iasien
Second in command: Milliam Raine

Knights of Sunlight HQ
Location: Dawn's cradle

A medium sized Manor near the west end of town, the rooms included are those you would typically find in a manor; A kitchen, a dining room (often used for meetings), a study (used as a library), and a few restrooms. The bedrooms are used by some members of the Knights (namely Bell herself, as well as a couple other Reyvateil and the captain of the Vanguards), and the basement has been converted into a dualstall. The attic is said to be a weapons and armor storage. Like the soldiers of Soare, the Knights of Sunlight provide off site housing for their members, located in rented rooms and houses scattered throughout the city.

Leader: Bell Granme Lancaster

General Rules of the RP:
  • -Please post your characters in the Character creation section, using the Character sheet format I posted here, then please register them in the OOC thread in "The Bar."
  • -Don't control NPCs or Enemies, please. And don't just kill them off without DM permission.
  • -Please don't control anyone else's character unless they ask you to.
  • -Don't decide actions for other people.
  • -Don't overpower yourself, that ruins it for everyone else.
  • -Feel free to ask for help or hints in the OOC thread.
  • - IF you're unsure of anything, please ask me. If you don't have my MSN, pm me or ask one of the other RPers (almost everyone has mine)
  • -Have fun!

After a little bit of thinking and asking Ry for help, i'm adding a Rule update. Please heed this.

Rule on NPC control:

As an experiment, as I've never done this before, I'm instating a rule revision to allow NPC control, under the following conditions:

1. Please follow the personality description for them in the NPC listing. I personally believe that NPCs with some form of personality make things more fun.

2. Please do not control them during battle, or otherwise during any fast pased interactions.

3. No killing off NPCs without consulting me. That's just not cool.

4. No creating relationships with NPCs when they are not being controlled by me.

5. No altering of their personality darstically from what they originally were. If an NPC is normally very mild mannered and shy, do not make them suddenly boisterous.

6. No, you may not dive with NPCs without prior consulting. Kthx.

7. Establishing backstory is fine, but please do not progress the story without me.

8. Due to the nature of this RP's intended story, do not control the NPC Reyvateils.

If these end up failing, i'm going back to standard No-control. Thanks.


The wind blew, a soft breeze through the trees. A young Reyvateil through the streets, finding the dwellings of certain Reyvateils and Vanguards that had been called to accept an important mission. Those selected recived the following Letter:

"My dearest Soldiers,

I am calling upon a select few of you to carry out a very special mission. Please bring this letter with you to the conference hall before the morning bell in th church rings out.

Lady Iasien"

Among these select people was Lilly Scott, a young Half Teru Reyvateil. She had only joined the Soldiers half a year prior, and she still had not received any higher ranking missions, but felt this was a chance to prove herself. The letter had even been signed by Lady Analea herself! Lily quickly dressed and grabbed a special badge that would allow her access to the HQ hidden behind the silver Plum Tea house. She carefully tucked the letter into her pocket and made her way outside.


The cool, crisp morning air and gentle sunlight washed faintly over the city of Dawn's cradle.

All seemed calm and well for the citizens of the town, and for once, the Knights of sunlight had no worries.

Areas available to visit:

General shop
Grocery market
Public bath house
Various cafes
Melody park
Fallview Manor (KoS HQ)

There are currently no missions for the Knights, so feel free to wander around and interact
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