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Originally Posted by imported_john
LOL hammer scratch is like 1/2 second blind hahaha. And don't good siegs get used to the reverse anyway? It doesn't take much to face the opposite way and Blow/IH/Dfist/FF/IMS/CMS

actually i might try maxing disturbance lol
Maxing disturbance may work moderately well but as you said, most people who play decently well can adapt to it moderately quick. I personally prefer the duration short, I find the skill more disorienting when they have to adapt to both the quick change in controls and the change back after a few seconds, two chances for them to mess up.

Far as how I avoid M.def, I usually use Fire crush to slow them and then hammer blast away. They'll generally side step for speed and when they get too close, well, that's when the super ultra Skiegh A spam technique gets turned on! It's amazing how well it works sometimes, especially if you get them against a wall. You have my permission to make use of it, John!

Prot. fort, well, I put my money on a well timed Super strength into 1,000 ton on landing into Physical strength into.. whatever.
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