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Originally Posted by Twitch
Alright, but what about Provoke now?

Outside of Myth everybody is so overpowered it is of no use, and even in Myth Raids, its next to useless. Any advice on it? This is my intended build, but if Provoke has become useless to Mythers, I don't see a point in keeping it.

Build! =O << Posting again.
Whirlpool sword may push slightly, but it's not good enough to max solely because it can slightly push. The duration for the full attack long compared to other skills you could be maxing. You can leave whirlpool sword at 1 if you love its miniscule pushing ability so much and maxing Whirling sword or Hurricane sword for damage.

The reason to max whirling sword for damage is because not only is it useful in both PvP and myth, the three hits come out faster and it has more range than Whirlpool Sword.

Max Hurricane Sword also works, because it does incredible dmg now and the fact that it can penetrate myth mobs and bosses just makes it even more powerful. It's also more useful in PvP compared to max Whirlpool Sword while still being useful in myth.

And provoke is never completely useless. It's never completely necessary, but you can still lure the myth3 boss to corner you at a wall while your other party members attack from behind. Having voke will also be beneficial in both pvp and myth.

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