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Default /gg FTW! Arcade Guide

by Astenhof

Have you ever been bored at home, and you can never manage to find something to entertain you? Then perhaps, the solution for you, is MMOG's very own arcade section!

You can find your way here by clicking the 'Arcade' button at the top of your screen. At the moment, the link on the top bar is missing, so here you are:
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After clicking this link, you will be lead to a fairly busy looking page. First things first, before jumping into a game, it helps to know your way around the page.

#1 This is your shortcut bar, the easy way around the arcade site.
-The 'arcade' button leads you back to this current page.

-The 'tournaments' button leads you to a list of the current tournaments going on, a link to a bracket of the tournament, what game the tournament involves, how many people are participating, your current status in the tournament (whether you're participating or not), and the date the tournament was started.

-The 'your settings' button leads you some personal settings you can fiddle with, including how many games you want to display on each page, how you want them to sort, and how many scores you wish to show on screen.

-The 'your favorites' button simply lists all the games you have favorited, in case you wish to play it again at a different date, but don't feel like looking through the list to find it!

-The 'your rankings' button shows a rather lengthy list of all the games currently in the arcade, and how you placed on each of them. If you didn't play a game, you will see N/A shown in the list under 'Score' and 'Rank'. This page also displays how many time the game in question has been played by all members of MOG.

-Finally, the 'leaderboard' button shows a list of all the users who have played at least 1 game in the arcade, their score, and their actual, as well as their average rank.

#2 This is a list of all the newest games added to the arcade. I'm honestly not sure how much this is updated, but I'm sure it's often (if anyone knows a rough estimate, please tell me. I'll add it in and make reference to your name).

#3 This is the top 3 high scorers in the arcade. If you decide to be an active arcade user, then you should go for the top! (good luck with beating Phae's record though. You'll need it).

#4 These are the most played games right now in the arcade, I'm assuming listing from top to bottom, the most popular (i.e. Snake is the top game played, followed by Tetris, etc).

#5 This is pretty self explanatory. This is the search box, where you can search for a game within the vast 221 games currently available. The three possible search choices are "name contains", "name starts with", and "name ends with".

#6 This window tells you which user is the current holder of the most first place records, as well as who is the current top of the arcade leaderboard. Good luck appearing in this section!

#7 This just tells you a random game out of the list of possible games, in case you decide to play a game based completely on random chance. This is also a great way to try out new games without having to look through the list

#8 This handy list tells you who are the newest high score champions, as well as the date that they earned this achievement.

#9 This simply tells you what the most recent score was made within the arcade. It also lets you know who played what game, as well as what score they got. There is also a nifty button you can click if you wish to play the same game.

#10 This window, as it says, is information about tournaments. It gives you several options: you can check up on currently running tournaments, or check those that have previously been completed.

-The box over tells you a couple things: how many tournies you are currently enrolled in, how many you qualify for, how many you've been eliminated from, and how many you have been disqualified from.

-The final box allows you to create a tournament, if you so choose.

This particularly messed up page is where you can create a tournament at. It allows you to choose which game you want, how many total players that can participate in the tournament (2, 4, or 8), and how many tries per round each player is allotted (from 1 to 5). After you make your decision, you just click the "Create tourney" button!

The second half of the arcade page is where you can search through all the possible games available. They begin sorted by alphabetical order, but there are more sorting options you can choose from as well (name, times played, the game's rating, and the date it was added), in either ascending, or descending order. There is also bar where you can sort by particular letter/number, if you so choose.

I hope this guide to the tutorial has been helpful to you. If you have anything to add to this, please PM me with the information, and I'll add it in.

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