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Freezi has a spectacular aura aboutFreezi has a spectacular aura about
IGN: Freezi
Class: Knight lt_knight
Level: 7x
Guild: Kirameki


TM 1 - Mana Arrow lvl. 1
TM 6 - Invincible Casting.
TM 14 - Cure lvl. 10.
TM 22 - Mana Ring lvl. 10.
TM 26 - Bottle of Mana lvl. 1.
TM 43 - Master Mist of Mana.
TM 50 - Save your points.

Total Spent: 49 TM Points.


TM 55 - Seal of Wind/Seal of Earth or Seal of Wind/Seal of Water.
TM 55 - Wind Blade lvl 10.
TM 57 - Master Wind Blade.
TM 67 - Drip Bomb lvl 10 OR
TM 69 - Cleaving Terra Master
TM 77 - Mana Arrow lvl 10 OR
TM 79 - Mana Arrow lvl 10.
TM 91 - Arrow Rush Master.
TM 105 - Mana Shield Master.
TM 106 - Save your points til 3rd

Total Spent: 66


TM 120 - Light Pact.
TM 130 - Arrow of Light.
TM 145 - Light Shield Master.
TM 190 - Shield of Heaven Master.

Total Spent: 45 TM points

Overall Spent: 160
Free TM points on TM 190: 30

Additional skills (When you get Witch)

Basic Healing
Mana Storm level 10.
Radiant Strike level 10.
Mana Arrow master.
Mana Ring Booster master.
Mana Ring master.
Cure master.
Boolster Balad
Any second job additional skill.
Rust or other additional skill.

This list don't need a "TM follow chart" because you could get anything on this list.


The most important status is MA, MA is EVERYTHING for a Light Witch.
Don't mind about LK, you gonna have the necessary to kill everything except Lions, Fox and (maybe, depends of your equips) other Sheeps and Dragons.

But keep in your mind, Light Witchs keep alive, kill Powers and Charms type, but can't be effective than others LK wanna-be characters.

Every level up you get 4 BONUS POINT, put them all on MA.

On EVERY compound put MA or LK, but MA sounds better, remember!
And remember to have MA equips to Buff yourself and LK to kill "everything".

And HP, oh yeah! :B

HP! <3333
When you can, compound few HP things.

HV, DP, LK and DP comes with items and their base status.
To have good status temper your items !


Level 1-25: Do the Episode 0, do all quests you can and train at Hula Octopus when you get level 15~20 +.

Level 26-31: Kill Pochi's until u can't play with a special or royal party.

32-50: Path to Oops Wharf, use Mana Ring and Run, if you have, use Mist of Mana + Mana Ring on mobs.

51-60: Do the Episode 1 and goes to Path to Black Swamp, kill Eletric Snails and Moles. :B!

61-70: Do Snails Quest or you can do the Party Quest at Gate of Oops Wharf talking with Tera. (thanks Facker)

71-100: Path to Snow Hills, keep killing Bug Bears and run if Jokers trys to kill you.

101-140: Snow Field 3, kill the Iciclers or Yetis. (Iciclers sounds better ;D)

141-160: Tech 4, Snow Field 3 or Tapasco 1, thats yours options. x)

161-200: Tapasco 1

201-300: Ice Dungeon 3 (?)

301-340: Tapasco 4 (?)


Thanks to: Äpathy (guide example), my friends, MT Forums Community :B!, MT Wiki, VorpalBunny (Bottle of Mana Advice), fieryshadowcard for the Criticics, Facker for Oops PQ and you for read it
Special thanks to Cecily and Lyanarax3, both of them helped me when i come back to TO.

That's all people! Thanks for reading it. 8D
Any Questions? Ask. :B
LaTale: Freezi lvl7x Mace Knight