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Leda just groaned, and turned over so that she was laying on her back.

"Brilliant, the meds go and now it's worse." Leda yawned and stretched her arms weakly, before giving up and laying completely still.

"Curse this bug, I'm not giving up." Leda went into a sitting position before lazily opening on eye and scanning for anyone present. Nope, Rydia and Micajah were gone already.

"Joy..." Leda ran her fingers through her hair before going to a complete standstill yet again. Not much she could do now.
"I guess you ain't really enjoying it, eh?"

"Huh...? Who's that?" Leda asked.

As a worried Nyarurato appeared into view, staring at Leda, she asked "So do you feel alright now?"

"Do I look completely fine? I've already been suffering for almost a day already..." grumbled Leda.

"Just lie down over there on the bed, I'll call Makuro and see if he could help you in any way possible" requested Nyarurato, as she materialized fully and reached out to the door...

... Minutes later, there were three knocks on the door and Nyarurato asking to be allowed into the room.

"Hey Leda, are you okay? I've brought Makuro here to help!"

"I've heard that you're unwell, so whats wrong with you right now?" asked Makuro, as he sat on a chair near by.

"I don't know.. It's either a curse, but I've figured that it must be something that I've ate. Well, so can you fix it or not?" Leda replied.

"Fixing it wouldn't be a problem, well... Of course, I guess. It should easily fix you in no time, that is if you don't mind the spell itself..."

"Just do it.. Anything is better than this stomachache I'm having ever since yesterday."

"Well, whatever you say then." replied Makuro, as he raised his hands towards the ceiling.

(Spell listing included!

"Saifojio!" Makuro exclaimed, as a sword materialized above his head. "Trust me, you would want to keep your eyes closed for this part..."

Leda stared at the huge sword above his head, "Wait, just wait a minute.. What are you going to do with that thing anywa..."

"Goooo--!!" yelled Makuro as he brought his hands down with force, facing towards Leda.

"No wait, stop it! I don't want to get pierced by th... Aaaaaahhh! You're going to kill me! Stop it!" screamed Leda as the sword pierced her body with particular force. The top of the sword started rotating as healing energy flowed into Leda's body, altering her physical and mental state back to her original healthy form before fading away into the air.

"Stop squirming about, it won't hurt as much if you would just calm down and let it heal you." Makuro sighed, "Well, you're not the first person surprised by this kind of spell anyway. Its not very surprising to see your expression like that, its your first time seeing a spell like this, I guess?"

"So, do you feel alright now? Or do I have to do it again?"

Surprisingly, as the pain from the sword's forceful piercing faded away, so did Leda's stomachache. In fact, unknown to Leda, the spell itself even healed previous wounds and such.

"... I guess I'm okay now... Well, actually I'm feeling great now. Uhh.. Thanks, I guess?" replied Leda.

"I'll be going off then, glad to be of help." replied Makuro as he walked out of the door. "Like I've said, if you need anything... Just ask Nyarurato to help you, she isn't there for nothing, you know?"

As Nyarurato peeked over Leda's shoulders, she asked "Is he gone now? Hehe, I dint want to go near him when I'm in my physical form... Hes kind of scary, you know?"

"So, are you feeling much better now?" Nyarurato asked, as she grinned her usual happy, cheerful, cheeky smile.

"Yes, definitely! Lets catch up with the rest of the gang then!" replied Leda, feeling pretty great herself.

Unknown to our heroes and heroines, the worst is yet to come... Yet...

P.S. I've included what would Nyarurato look like in her Nekomata form; Which is basically her "Spirit form" while shes following everyone about.

This is Kyuubey

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