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Freezi has a spectacular aura aboutFreezi has a spectacular aura about
IGN: Freezi
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Level: 7x
Guild: Kirameki


3rd JOB

Congratulations!! You're now a 3rd :B!
YOU'RE A WITCH! *______________________*!

Keep in your mind, a Light Witch NEEEEVER, NEEEEEEEEVER gonna have strong attacks, only support and/or defensive ones.

Okay okay, time to see the skills. :B

Light Pact: Needed skill for all Light skills.
Arrow of Light: Level 10 pl0x. :3
Light Shield: Master it, your second defensive skill. <3
Shield of Heaven: Okay, your main defensive skill. Master it and remember to have a very good MA to keep the Shield and you alive.


Hinder Snare: BIT effective, got it if you want.
Basic Healing: Get it when you can, very effective.
Catastrophe Heal: Only if you want... needs LK and MA to hit a effective cure and have a bit cast/delay time, I personally hate it, but btw.
Radiant Strike: Level 10, it's a good AOE skill. :B!


TM 120 - Light Pact.
TM 130 - Arrow of Light.
TM 145 - Light Shield Master.
TM 170 - Shield of Heaven Master.

ALL SKILLS DETAILS could be finded clicking here.
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