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Default Light Witch Guide [by xWitch]

Please note that this guide was written in 2008! Some information may be inaccurate!

Okay, i gonna make it simple like Äpathy Light Dragon Guide, so let's go. :B


March, 14th 2008 - Guide Created.
March, 14th 2008 - Build section added.
March, 14th 2008 - The skills section added.
March, 14th 2008 - Second job Sheep skills added and my opinion of them.
March, 14th 2008 - Third job Sheep skills added with few details about them.
March, 14th 2008 - Important Stats section added.
March, 14th 2008 - Training Places section added.
March, 14th 2008 - Helpful Links section added.
March, 14th 2008 - Combos section added.
March, 15th 2008 - TM Spend Chart added.
March, 15th 2008 - Few updates on guide.
April, 14th 2008 - Link to a video added.


The most easy way to make a Light Sheep, on my opinion, is being 1423.
You gonna have a medium WT and LK and a good DP and HP. So, why you can't lose about 1k HP for double LK and WT than a 1414 Sheep?

Of course, that's my opinion, 1414 is a very good build too but it's gonna sucks on future, on my opinion.

1441: Popular for Sheeps who want a HAXED LK and WT and don't mind about HP.

1432: The most popular build for Sheeps who want a good lk and a medium HP.

1414: The most used build for those Sheeps who want's to survive in PVP or GVG, but WT sucks...

1423: My build, i tried 1441, 1432 and 1414 before 1423 but on my opinion 1423 pwnz. D:
You have a medium LK and WT and with Light Shield, DP don't became a problem, of course 1414 gonna have more DP than a 1423, but a 1414 never gonna have a good WT and LK like a 1423.



1st JOB


YAY! You made a Sheep! Cutie!
Now you have a 1423 build or a 1414 build and gonna be a Witch.
Now you're a witch-wanna-be.

Mana Arrow: Put it on level 1. (Level 10 or more, look the TM SPEND CHART)
Invincible Casting: One of most important skills, get it.
Cure: Put it on level 10.
Mana Ring: It's gonna be yours main attack skill before you get a Element, put it on level 10.
Bottle of Mana: Put it on level 1, because it's a pre-requisite skill.
Mist of Mana: Master it when you get.

Additional skills

Aura of Mana: Master it, gives you a hax MP regen.
Cure: Master it.
Rust: Master it and turns phys. enemies damage to 0 or near it.
Mana Shield: VERY usefull on PVP against Mages, master it. Required to Light Shield at last on level 10.
Mana Storm: Pre-Requisite skill of one Light skill, put it on level 10.
Mana Arrow: Put it on 10 or Master.
Arrow Rush: Put it on Master, it's gonna be your main PVP/GVG/BOSSING attack skill and your 2nd or 3rd PLVLING skill.
Mana Ring: Master it if you want to get a good damage with Mana Ring Booster.
Mana Ring Booster: Master it


TM 1 - Mana Arrow lvl. 1
TM 6 - Invincible Casting.
TM 16 - Cure lvl. 10.
TM 27 - Mana Ring lvl. 10.
TM 31 - Bottle of Mana lvl. 1.
TM 48 - Master Mist of Mana.
TM 50 - Save your points.

ALL SKILLS DETAILS could be finded clicking here.
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