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Ugh, another generic RPG. I thought it was an action RPG by the trailers. Nope. At least it learned from other RPGs. But then again, it fails a lot.

Shitty jumping that after a certain distance, makes you drop like a rock like you hit a wall for some reason. It's glitchyish and jumps are never suited for RPG's that aren't, you know, free roaming. Jumps + Invisible boundries = no.

Very...friggen...boring...combat. I really hate seeing my the exact...3 swing...slash combo...OVER. AND OVER AGAIN. Like...jesus christ, at least other RPG's cycle randomly between like 5 animations. It's really tedious and boring to click on a monster and watch your character attack.

This game tries to replicate a dungeon system like Dungeons and Dragons online. Very interactive, (Fun?) dungeons, with voice/text narration of stuff. But it fails on that. Very. Badly. It's done half assed.

Game is also ****ing spawn happy. Like...shit, the first 2 dungeons....Basically all events = spawning of monsters...god dammit, no, it just makes the dungeon longer, more boring and tedious, ugh... In the second dungeon, shit just kept spawning, or respawning, and I'm sitting here playing the game going: "Jesus friggen christ, where the hell are you all coming from? Stop ****ing respawning or spawning, I'm tired of ****ing backtracking and seeing more monsters, or getting ambushed. Shit, you just randomly keep spawning friggen monsters after every damn event or path I go through."

Equipments don't make any sense to me either. 2 same items, except 1 with a +1 or +2 at the end, have different stats. The +1/2 has the higher stats, right? No. Sometimes the +1/2 would have lower stats. What the hell? How does that make any friggen sense at all? I...don't get this.

And the good things about the game......uh. Well. It has voices, that's always nice. Also has learned that we don't like trying to figure out where to find quests, or where to do quests, and gives us quest tracker thingys.