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Default True Rage

After my next rebirth, I was hoping to change my build around to a more "Rage Centered" build.
This is more of what I was looking at. New Sieg Build << 5 points for True Rage, maybe.

My question is, is maxed True Rage worth it?
I use True Rage whenever it is off CD time and sometimes even normal Rage just to kill time until I can recast True, but the problem I find is it eats a lot of HP, and its eats up 5 points. What do you get with those 5 points? The same duration but a higher strenth boost.

I forget the numbers, but level 1, I believe is Str + 40 and it goes up by 40 until it is maxed. But is that Str boost really nessisary? Without True Rage maxed I could find the points to re-max counter. (Not that I use it, I can time it I just find I dodge more then actully use it.)

Just asking for what you guys think of the build, althought what you say will have no real impact, and what you guys think about True Rage in general.

Edit: Also, Provoke for a Myth build, yes or no? See this game has gotten so much eaiser, I find I never have a reason to use it. =/

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