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I would do that, but I'm not sure how to do that myself. >_>; But maybe I can leave that to you guys, should there be any information missing.

Tonight's project will undergo the entire forest area, so I'll give you guys an update on that later.

EDIT: Entire Forest Area done with self-constructed mini-maps, monster information, and surrounding locations, so some pages should look a little more prettier. =] Tomorrow I'll begin the Ancient Forest Area, and for some more of tonight, I'll work on some equipment information.

EDIT 2: While looking around, I stumbled upon Chester's very empty Puzzle List. After that, I decided to go for it. I hope Chester doesn't mind. =x

EDIT 3: Finished up the Puzzle List, along with the remaining puzzle images! That took a while... Maybe I'll do a Cube List tomorrow? By the way, as I navigated some more, do you think we ought to get rid of this page and replace it with the Puzzle List page?

EDIT 4: Overall rundown of the day: Added drops for Priring and Wolf; completed the whole Forest Area and uploaded their respected mini-maps; opened up the Fields category, presenting the first subcategory in it; and completed the Puzzle List and uploaded the missing puzzle images (puzzle solved?)

--- 09/04/09 ---

EDIT: At last, the Cube List is completed. I was also interested in helping Shugi out with the Emoticon section, making a whole new Emoticon Template and page of the Angry Emoticon. The Angry Emoticon (beta) page can be found in his topic. Later on tonight, I'll be working on the Ancient Forest maps and enemies, but for now I need to work on some other stuff.

EDIT 2: As promised, the Ancient Forest Area has been completed. Now I'll be supporting Shugi with the Emoticon section.

EDIT 3: Finished most of the emoticon section for Shugi! Animations should be coming soon. That's all that I'm going to be doing today, since I've worked a good 6-8 hours or so on the Wiki alone today, and I need to go to real work in the morning. If only I got paid for this job, haha.

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