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Hey guys! A nice La Tale fan, originally to just play and look up this stuff for my benefit, but now you have a La Tale fan and contributor at your service!

How It All Started

It all started just today (September 3rd, 2009) where I desperately needed a guidebook (in game, not a general guidebook) for an Instance Dungeon (Toad Mountain anyone?) I searched for these guidebooks according to the enemies specified, which were the most basic ones. However, even the most basic enemies were incomplete, as some drops were missing. As I performed a genocide on these enemies, I recorded the drops on the enemies' profiles, but even some items were lacking some precious information. This got me interested to finally create an account for MMOGames (soon to be /GGFTW as I can see) and got myself to work.

My Work

Since I can see that the NPCs are a great priority to the Wiki community for now, there wasn't much I can do to help out, since I'm not much of a photographer/editor to make the NPC images nice and crisp. However, with the work I've done so far, I plan to actually edit (some of) the monster drops and the items, equipment, etc. themselves (that need fixing and/or editing.) Furthermore, some of the area mini-maps are also missing from pages. I will try to fill up those pages as well.

I will be posting updates after this post, but probably not until the end of the night (or tomorrow morning if I stay up that late, really.) All other updates will be posted on separate posts (but will refrain from double posting).

But any questions or concerns at all will definitely be welcomed, and hope to work well in this group here!

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