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Default Ryan Stage Build (not rb yet)

Lol another edit, took out Concentrated shot for Magma Explosion :P


Edit: My build so far -
If you have any opinions, please comment below! Thanks.


Hi guys so yeah I'm planning on getting Ryan very soon so I'm trying to figure out what my skill build is gonna be.

This is the skill build for staging without a rebirth yet, so no rebirth skills.

Also I am new to using the jp simulator so if something is not right please tell me.

Yeah so I pretty much made the build off of Sinned's skill guide (credits where credits due), and dumped the rest of the points into increased physical damage.

I got 1 point into the moving shots (right slide shot, left slide shot, etc) for supposed evasion, maybe to dodge boss attacks while still hurting them I guess? I'm open for opinions and changes.


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