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Inb4 Inb4 Metty
Dragon is a magical species.
*Dragons are a
After Titans created the world, they gave part of their power to the five Dragon Aspects and also endowed them with the supernatural power to dominate different domain of the world. Because of the five Dragon Aspects, the world stayed balanced and everything grew peacefully for a short period of time.
*After the Titans.
Also tens of thousands of years is not a short period of time, it's a long period of time. Also the Titans imbued them with their own powers.

Faerie Dragons are not a flight nor are they influential. Frostwyrms are not a flight, they are dragons that were killed and brought back to life to serve the undead. Threshadon are not a flight either nor are they influential.

There are many ways available to get a Proto Dragon. Players can purchase one from some special areas when obtaining “exalted” reputation status with the area (for example, players can purchase Reins of the Red Drake from the Wyrmrest Accord). Players can also get one Proto Dragon from dungeons (for example, the Blue Dragonflight lord, Malygos can drop Blue Drake mount in non-heroic mode).
The red mount is a real drake not a proto drake same goes for the one from Malygos. Fail more you idiot.

Also, the powerful energy released from the disaster affected the eggs of Deathwing’s Black Dragonflight and finally gave birth to the Netherwing, an unusual brood of translucent dragons whose bodies are composed of energies from the outer space.
The energy is from the TWISTING NETHER hence the NETHER part of NETHERWING, not space good god.
If you would like to help the poor Netherwing, they will serve as your mount someday and take you around the Outland.
OUTLAND not the Outland! Go learn ****ing English. Outland is a place, the remains of a planet not a ship or something you would add "the" to. Do you say you want to "goto the America" or you want to "goto America"? Idiot.

In Hyjal War, the Undead Scourge killed innumerous mortal beings with chillness by utilizing the frostwryms.
Read my text carefully you dip and repeat after me.
The... Battle... For/Of... Mount... Hyjal...
Also wtf@"with chillness"
Some of the frostwryms were born by hatred, such as Nightbane, a summonable raid boss in Karazhan. Nightbane was revived because of its hatred to Medivh. It is insane and will attack anyone who dare enter Karazhan.
Originally Posted by Website with far more credibility than MMOsite will ever hope to have
He is a fiery skeletal dragon, transformed by Medivh from Arcanagos and formerly of the Blue Dragonflight.
I take it you never SAW the scene where Medivh killed Arcanagos turning him into Nightbane? Have you ever even been in Karazhan? Have you tanked him as a feral druid who accidentally kept hitting Gift of The Wild constantly going out of bear form and still tanking him in caster form? Have you even played a Warcraft game or read any of the lore because it really doesn't look like it.
Bronze dragons’ most hated enemies are Ahn'Qiraj scarabs. During the Ahn'Qiraj War, the bronze dragons were devastated badly and even their dragonqueen was killed while they were attempting to seal Ahn'Qiraj scarabs.
Scarabs... Do you even know what the hell a scarab is? Their enemy was the Qiraj not a lousy small bug.
The Caverns of Time built by the bronze dragons are able to overturn time. As a result, many brave adventurers have intruded the caverns recklessly, looking for the lost glory.
Was your mother a heavy drinker when pregnant with you? Did you even read what the tour guide said during the first Caverns of Time quest? Or are you just another ebayer with multiple level 80s you bought? The Infinite Dragonflight a flight that is similar to the Bronze Dragonflight is going back in time trying to change history. The Bronze flight is sending people back to stop the Infinite flight. It is also rumoured that the leader of the Bronze flight is also the leader of the Infinite flight due to their nature as well as several quests hinting at that he is. He has been lost in time for quite a while and even came in contact with at least one Old God at the Well of Eternity.
To fight against the Burning Legion, the red dragonflight lord infused most of its power to the Demon Soul like the other Dragon Aspects except Deathwing.
Also the Red Dragonflight is ruled by a female dragon, the beutiful Alexstrasza, Queen of Life.
The red dragonqueen’s spouse who was corrupted by Nefarian’s force, is being encaged in the Blackwing Lair.
Sweet god you really are an idiot. Vaelastrasz is one of her SONS not one of her mating buddies. She also does not have spouses she screws whichever red dragon she wishes that she labels her Prime Consort till she grows tired of him. She even had two consorts at once.
On Northrend, the red dragonqueen will appear again to fight against their common enemy, the Undead Scourge.
They burned a plague weapon made by a brake away faction of the Forsaken.
It’s rumored that behind Grim Batol of the Wetlands hides great secrets of the red dragons. Whatever they are, they can only be explored by real brave adventurers.
Alexstrasza was imprisoned inside Grim Batol, not behind it.
Some powerful blue dragons are trapped on the Sunwell by the demons led by Kil'jaeden. Greedy demons have been attempting to grab those blue dragons’ endless magic.
Yes a dragon going into the Sunwell to investigate and save the Sunwells avatar which is in human form followed by another going in to help him is demons grabbing them.

As for the rest of the bullshit, I can't be assed at 5.42 am to go over it and point out all the flaws so here: Green dragonflight - WoWWiki

Oh how I do enjoy the fact that their awful writers do not come here so I can rant freely, I'm also well aware my corrections got a little more carried away than usual. I blame the time of night it is. Hopefully you enjoyed another Metty counter post where I point out every flaw in something I know about than the actual writer and basically called him a complete idiot with mental defects from birth, good night you guys.

Sincerely, Metty.

PS In after Metty.

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