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Lighto is on a distinguished road

The fusions I wrote down, theres a lot other i didn't. :
Caith Sith x Leader Pixie= Divine Angel
Divine Angel x Orthus (there's an inexperienced one in Shuginami it's lvl 15 I use it) = Unicorn lvl 21
Divine Angel x Kodama= Noctornus Alp
Noctornus Alp x Orthus= Holy Beast Shiisha
Holy Beast Shiisha x Caith Sith = Godly Beast Makaui lvl 22 (its the higher rank Inugami I susppose)
Leader Pixie x Kodoma = Garm
Divine Angel x Leader Pixie = Godness Hathor
Godness Hathor x Fallen Angel Andras = Archangel lvl17
Femme Datsude Ba x Earth Element Knocker = Bicorn lvl 17
Bicorn x Orthus = Sudama lvl 17
Divine Angel x Noctornus Alp = Dragon King Nazuchi (lvl 14?)
Noctornus Alp x Shiisha = Earth Mother Kikume Hime lvl 18
Bicorn x Kodoma = Brute-Kappa Tengu
E.M. Kikume Hime x Bicorn = Haunt Yokka lvl 24
E.M. Kikume Hime x Orthus = Dragon King Naga lvl 24
Kappa Tengu x Archangel = Yoma Dis lvl 23
Kappa Tengu x E.M. Kikume Hime = Archangel
Kappa Tengu x Orthus = Femme Tarokka lvl 25
Archangel x Gondess Hathor = Heavenly God Omaikou lvl 31

I hope it will be useful for someone.