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Originally Posted by buta
Surf: He'll do something and spit out a tidal wave in an almost 180 degree semicircle in front of him. Damage is okay, dodging is easy if he doesn't have his back to a wall.

Body Slam: This is basically the same move that Shaka from 4-9 had where he just starts spinning at you. Unfortunately, the aiming is horrible (actually... fortunately) and you can stand almost anywhere in front of him and still not get hit. Probably cause he's too tall.
Pretty sure the "surf" thing is more than just 180 degrees though, more like a ~240 in the area in front of him. They don't pierce, so a Krieg can just time his Fire Crush(s) or use the S button when he's about to release the attack to shield the whole party.

Other than that I don't really see any life-threatening attacks from him, all except 2 of his attacks can be avoided by staying behind him. One is the counter where he rushes while damaging his front and sends waves at the area behind him, the other is the slow spin counter that will send waves from his front and back.

At the last spin of island 3's roulette, if you have a Krieg in your party, he can just use the S button and have everyone stand behind him. The wave that kills you is similar to the one the boss uses in island 1, it doesn't pierce. But if you don't have a Krieg in party, you can just have someone with x1 life to take the hit.