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Default International Secret Agents Los Angeles 09

Hosted by Wong Fu Productions and Far*East Movement.

This is their 3rd breakout concert, and all tickets are already sold out; Backstage, VIP, VIP Pit, and General.

"Showcasing the brightest and premier talent among Asian and Asian Americans."

"Because we are globally diversed - with cultures from around the world and united in America.

Because we all have our own stories, skills, and talents that go far beyond the dated stereotypical expectations.

Because we are moving forward together to accomplish a collective mission. We are a force that has always existed, and has now finally infiltrated into mainstream."

Line Up:

KevJumba (Over 57 Million Youtube views, featured on CW and HBO

Bruno Mars (Song writer for Sean Kingston, Menudo, Flow Rida “Right Round”)

GLP (Gabe Bondoc, Leejay, Passion) (Super group of Acoustic, Beatbox and Soul/Major Youtube following)

David Choi (over 37 Million Youtube Views, Song Writer and producer)

Kina Grannis (Winner of Doritos “Crash” during Super Bowl)

Quest Dance Crew (Winners of America’s Best Dance Crew)

Wong Fu Productions (Cannes Film Fest Filmmakers/Millions of Youtube hits)

Far*East Movement (National hit single on radio “Girls On The Dance Floor”)

Hosted by: Lydia Paek (Boxcuttuhz/Quest) and Tom Ngo
So yes, all the tickets are sold out, but I'm just posting this to see if anyone else is going, and or to update people who support these groups but won't be there for the concert.

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