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I mean ground IMS, like in Blow -> IMS. Using it in the air at high decay is just burning MP as with most maxed skills.

I know everyone plays in balance and I haven't PVP'ed in a long time, but does balance reduce it so much? I still see some videos with whirling sword doing like 1/3 or 1/4 of their hp.

And looking at whirlpool vs DF in a combo:
dAS kicking DF for almost no decay (4th aerial hit) -> ends combo
dAS whirlpool -> (1-5 aerial) + continue
dAS whirling sword (1-3 aerial) + continue

Those 3 look similar to me in terms of damage. DF is probably better for nados though.

You can also use whirlpool after blow if you got nothing else and still start a combo (I think), unlike DF.

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