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Default Treasure Island

Since there was a lack of more complete guide to the place, and since I'm feeling like an insomniac...

Welcome to Treasure Island!

The place where you can go to get the pieces you need for your 5th RB skill. But if you're just starting out, you're far from even seeing the first piece (of five) required to craft your skill book.

How do I get there?

Lets start with the basics. The quest itself requires you to be level 70 (do you need to be RBed to get the quest? I don't have a non-RBed level 70 to test this yet.) and can be started by talking to Carlos Perdal in the square, the same guy who gives daily quests.

However, the monsters in there will be Myth level so having access to Myth/Myth equips will be essential to your survival. Not to mention you only have one life (or two with a life stone) so you'll need all the help you can get. Res stones will be awesomely good here.

Finish the quest you get by going to History 2-10 and killing drake. You will receive a Mysterious Map of Lesser Treasure Island. Next, all you have to do is right click it while you're in the square, find three other people to join you, and start the game where you'll be transported to...

Edit: Apparently, trees in the boss room of 1-10H also drop map pieces if you get a group of 4. Farmingggg timeee.

Additionally, Map pieces can be obtained from the Gift Box of Star at a 5% chance.

Lesser Treasure Island (or Part 3 for short. Cause it's technically part 3. :x)
Welcome to the first part of Treasure Island! No skills allowed here so beware! Part 3 doesn't have any specific requirements and can be done on any character as long as you have a part for it.

Arguably the easiest part of the 3, part 3 has 2 different aspects of it. To get started, just click on the box with the quest and finish it. The second you finish the quest, you'll be in one of the following stages.

Roulette: Pretty straightforward. First 3 times, there are four quadrants on the roulette that you can stand on while the arrow spins. Contrary to the actual game, however, you do NOT want it to be pointing at you when it stops (not that you have a choice. MWAHAHA). If it is pointing at you, you die*.

The last time, it changes into a left and right deal where you have a 50% chance of survival. If it's pointing at your side of the field, a tidal wave will come and you will die**.

*unless you're a Tia. Then all you have to do is jump and be in the air when the meteors land to survive it. If you're a Kreig, your S will also let you survive through it.
**see above note. Additionally, if you have multiple people, have everyone go on one side during this. If it's not pointing at you, you lucked out. If it is pointing at you, have one person stand in front of the others (that is, closer to the water) and the tidal wave will only kill the first person.

Questionnaire: Ah, Lunia trivia. Been around since 3-9, but this time, they're testing your knowledge of Lunia on a broader range. From ages and heights to the various jobs of the NPCs in the square, you'd better know them all.

Similar to the one in 3-9, the NPC will ask you a question and you respond by standing on the O if the statement is true or the X if the statement is false. For a full list of questions (that may or may not, as of now, lack answers), see this link (Credits to Kanata Saionji).

For this stage, you get boxes based on who is alive at the end. Thus, having more people alive right before the boxes appear is ideal if you want to make every run fruitful. In the case of the Roulette, only res if the last person's life is gone. Otherwise, res right after the tidal wave passes. In the case of the Questionnaire, res after the tenth question's pyramids have disappeared. If you went with a full party, this will result in 4 boxes distributed in a Myth fashion (everyone rolls for numbers and the highest number gets a box. 4 boxes = 4 rolls meaning all 4 boxes may go to the same person or they may be given one to each person.)

For this stage, you'll receive a few prizes. While most of the time you'll probably get jewels (53% chance is more than 50% D: ), you can also get Mysterious Map of Treasure Island 1, 2, and 3, a "Pirate" title (+15~15, +75 HP, +75 MP, +20 Vit), and sometimes a Mysterious Map of Lesser Treasure Island (allows you to do this stage over again).

The map pieces 1 - 3 are required in order to craft the map to the next part of Treasure Island. The third piece is the craft and the first and second are the required ingredients. Simply right click the third piece when you have all the pieces and craft the map which leads you to...

Treasure Island (or Part 2 for short)
Welcome to part 2 of evil Treasure Island! Skills are usable here and boy will you need it.. The only requirement is having 1 RB, but myth equips will definitely be needed.

This stage is rather simple, actually (simple as in.. it's the same every time you do it).

Basically, you fight a Giant Tree boss. Simple enough, right?


No, just kidding. It's pretty straight forward. It has roughly 3 moves (4 if you count his minions). For simplicity, I shall use names that will be more or less recognizable (since there aren't actually names for the moves, I believe)

Before I get there, though. Put on your Myth. Now. Do it. You'll want it. Not to mention, sometimes the tree will pull a cheap move on you and do a skill that will kill all of you while you can't move. Prepare to dodge as soon as possible or have an Eir with a higher level Light Shield cast it right before you start.

Razor Leaf: Remember the Episode 1 boss when he shoots out leaves that spin and dance and kill you in basically one hit? Yeah, that's basically this. When he shoots them out, they basically go out as a wall in front of him and he usually shoots it out in a succession and he can rotate between. Thankfully, their range isn't entirely impressive. Not to mention, he doesn't always turn. Easily dodge-able (especially if you're behind him).

Solar Beam: Remember the other move the Episode 1 boss did? Where it shoots out leaves in a kind of "V" pattern in front of him? Yep, recycled that skill, too. Cept now it takes off a huge chunk in one hit, it has slight homing ability, and it stuns you if you get hit. It'll sometimes even shoot behind, so beware. The range isn't too large, but rather than running away, running in a circle around the tree may be an easier way of dodging it (unless you're in front. Then you should probably just run away since it usually fans out from there).

Needle Arm: ... couldn't think of a Pokemon move so I looked one up on Serebii. Mwahaha. This skill is easily dodgeable, especially since a ring shows up on the ground right before he does it. And there's plenty of time to get out of range. However, if you are caught withing ground zero, a bunch of thorns will shoot up and basically OHKO you. Actually, even if you're a little bit out of the circle, it may still hit you, so move further away by about a dash to be safe.

Leech Seed: Lets just call this skill that. The tree summons four spirits around it and they'll shoot blue orbs at the tree, healing it from around 10k - 20k HP each orb. The healing trees also have a buttload of HP. So unless you have a lot of fire attacks, pounding on them with skills will take forever. So what can you do? Hard knockdowns! This includes, but is not limited to, Dacy's AAS, Sieg's Destruction Fist, and Ryan's Flame Impact (i think it's called flame impact...). One hit from a HKD skill will kill them instantly and launch you into the air. During this entire skill, however, the big boss won't do a thing, so never fear, characters that lack HKDs. Go pound on the boss with everything you got.

After you suffer through everything and kill the boss, same thing as part 3. Res the dead. You'll want the boxes (actually, they should be resing and helping anyways).

Yeah. Same as part 3 again. High chance you'll only get jewels. Sucks. But, you'll also get Mysterious Map of Greater Treasure Island 1, 2, and 3, an "Infamous Pirate" title (+20~20, +85 HP, +85 MP, +25 Vit), Mysterious Map of Treasure Island, or Mysterious Map of Lesser Treasure Island.

Of course, the title is better than the last one, but it gets better. The finished maps, which come in their own special boxes, let you replay part 2 or replay part 3 again.

The map pieces of Greater Treasure Island, following suit with part 3's map crafting, crafts you a map to....

Greater Treasure Island (or Part 1 for short)
This is where it gets good. This is the place where your dreams come true. Skills usable. Put on your myth. It's time to have fun.

The first part of the stage is basically a game of Roulette/Questionnaire all over again. However, this time, instead of instant death for you if you're in the quadrant the arrow is pointing at or you get a question wrong, everyone in the party has to fight a boss. Stay alive. You'll need it.

Possible bosses:
Daru from Coc2.

Haetae from Coc2

Nergal from Coc1

The tree from part 2.
To make it easier on yourself/your party, have everyone stay in the same quadrant, minimizing the chances that you'll lose/ have to fight something. And, have everyone guess the same answer (if you needa guess).

After beating the roulette/questionnaire at its own game a few times, you'll come face to face with the final boss. Who is.. basically... Shaka. Cept he hurts more. And he's got a few tricks up his sleeve now.

Surf: He'll do something and spit out a tidal wave in a very wide semicircle in front of him. Damage is okay, dodging is easy if he doesn't have his back to a wall.
Body Slam: This is basically the same move that Shaka from 4-9 had where he just starts spinning at you. Unfortunately, the aiming is horrible (actually... fortunately) and you can stand almost anywhere in front of him and still not get hit. Probably cause he's too tall.
Counter: This move counters. He doesn't usually do it too often, but when he does, he'll go shooting forward like... he usually does in 4-9. Except this time, he'll also release a barrage of waves that stun and may thus kill you.
MORE TO COME (cause i can't remember any right now >_> )

Again, following suit, highest chance item is the gem box. So mean..

But then!

Whee. What I assume everyone is doing it for (aside from maybe the titles and the sheer fun :P). 1st - 5th pages of Legendary Skill Book. The fifth page is the craft and the first 4 are the required ingredients that gives you a box containing a random 5th RB skill book. Chances of obtaining each piece is 10%, 9%, 8%, 7%, and 6% respectively. Right click the fifth piece and craft it to receive a book!

Additionally, you can get the "Pirate King" title (+25~25, +110HP, +110MP, +30Vit) as well as maps to do part 1 or part 2 again.

Tips and Tricks
- Given the one life limit, Life Stones will save your butt, making consequences for a stroke of unluckiness more forgiving. You can get one by trading 120 blue carps into Hemingway if you're lucky if you don't want to spend money on g coins.

- Stock up on res stones. Even if you have a Life Stone, nobody is perfect. Res stones give you room for mistakes. And Star Box of Life gives you a free way to get it. As well as Family gift boxes and Victor Boxes from PvP and Crystals in the Myth stages.

- While a healer is not required, it is, as usually, helpful. Especially since most of the damage dished out in the stages are buffed up to match your myth equips. Additionally, in Part 2, an Eir can cast a Moon Barrier right in front of the tree to nullify just about every attack that it dishes out (except for the root attack).

- Having a Sieg provoke the final boss and then having an Eir heal him is a pretty useful thing to do. Then you don't have to worry about getting hit (unless you're the Sieg).

- Don't have a healer with Moon Barrier? Don't worry! Fireworks from the Merchandise Store blocks some attacks just fine.

- Dragon Flutes can also be used to kill the trees rather efficiently while also hurting the boss at the same time. If, in a party of 4, everyone has flutes, you can simply have everyone flute between one tree and the boss and then releasing all of their skills on the boss.

Hope that helps!
Since I'm not done with this yet, feel free to post anything else you want to add or tips.

Additional thanks
MMOKami's database site
Roger, Ashley, Allen - warharharfamily
Cookies - foods.
CursedScar - boss infos.
d4rka2n - clarifications
SmashedJane - more infos.
Allea - stuffs.

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