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IGN: Dagurasu
Class: Guardian lt_guardian
Level: 11X
Guild: FrenchBread

LaTale IGN(s): Dagurasu
Real Name: Douglas
Nicknames: Dag, Dagu, Doug ...a lot of "D" names. D8
Birthday: January 11, 1989 (20 y/o on LT? wtf D:< )
Messenger:, not that active on it though.
Hobbies: Drawing/sketching, gaming, debating politics/religion/world events, trying to learn new languages and failing.
Timezone/Place: Minnesota, GMT -6
Favourites: Music(Rock, hip-hop, techno, dance, oldies), foreign cultures, Anime, JDrama, House M.D.
Dreams/ Future Goals: Get in to/graduate from college and land a job in Computer Programming or Web Design.
Bio/ Other things about you: I'm a pretty relaxed/go with the flow type of person, love good conversation, hanging out with friends, going new places, trying new foods, and some other stuff. xD;;

Dagurasu - 11X - Guardian