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IGN: Pazu|Nettolicious|QueSiEl
Class: MaceTemplar/WindWizard/Engineer lt_templar
Level: Level:10x|2x|1x
Guild: Frenchbread

LaTale IGN: Pazu
Real Name: Quesiel (KaySeeEl) (yah it is just 3 spanish words strung together lol)
Nicknames: Casey (my main name, I don't like quesiel), Kay, Jimmy, Steve, Delicious!?
(Side note: I'd prefere if you called me casey, I mostly go by that, everything else is optional)
Birthday: Dec. 18 1988 (19 yrs. of age)
Hobbies: Friends, reading, lots of random music listening, manga/anime, mmo hunting (thats how I found latale), Friends, etc.
Favourites: Zombies, I know that's pretty weird but I've been a big fan of zombies since I saw my first zombie movie. Anything cute, though I'm a guy I tend to aww at the adorable things in life, like puppies and kittens, anything that's cute really. Music, I listen to alot of independant music, but I mostly listen to all kinds that I find interesting, though a majority of the music I like is from canada, which I find weird. Actually I don't find it weird because I frickin LOVE Canada, it's just the best. XD
Dreams: To have LaTale be the mmo I've been looking for for a long time, to one day move to canada and to start my own indie band.
Bio/ Other things about you: Yoyo, pretty much I'm a kid at heart that loves cartoons and video games though I'm almost 20, and I'll probably always be like that which isn't really bad, also I'm painfully cheerful, I feel that any problem in life can be beat with a smile somehow, idk it just works out for me most of the time when I do so. Also I'm a pretty laid back guy that doesn't like arguments, so I won't be starting up any trouble. Also I have pretty bad grammer, but I'm slowly working on that. Although I didn't really run into anybody in the cb, I'm looking foward to getting together with some of you the day ob starts, I feel the best way to enjoy a mmo is to make new friends and get together and pwn, it's just the best. Oh yah, being back on track I'm kinda random so don't mind me if I spurt out some non-sense, that and I'm really bad at puns though I use them often, for the sake of teh lulz. Thats pretty much it in a nut shell, I'm sure we will have plently of time to learn alot about eachother when we all hang in game.
"Dance Kitteh Dance!"