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Originally Posted by Yumiko
It carries you to a certain distance like CMS/Amp, but then it launches you and hits you in the air (launch + hits while you ARE in the air) like Bumpy does at the end. :v

Since Asuka coming soon, does anyone know if any of the RB skills are worth it? :S
1-2 RB - 6 hits till rising, 3 hits down = total 9. PvP - 0, rb on rooms require large AoE, this isn't.
might wanna keep for myth since it hits a large number of times but its very small range

2-4 RB (i think?) - its okay, player preference

2-2 RB (lv50 req) - slash 10 times then jump and shoot 3 beams, pretty good. 1 point atleast

3-3RB - good damage, the beam is hard knock down. good to have for stagers/mythers