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Warrior training

I'm gonna be honest and say that I'm really bad at knowing where to grind, train and such. The only levels I'm sure about the grinding is actually level 50-60+. Possibly 40+. But thats only because I've been stuck on those levels for so long and I know it SO WELL. So this guide will be really lousy on this point. BUT, I think the only levels where you actually HAVE to grind is level 40-60+. Probably Level 70+ too, but I'm not there yet. (I was actually gonna write this guide once I hit 80, but I figured out with the speed I'm going with now I will be 80 next year.)
But, During you level 1-40 levels you can pretty much only level by doing quests. Seriously. I just started a explorer, I'm just now level 32 and I pretty much only did quests. I haven't done ANY dungeon quests yet though. I might have gone killing some monsters after I've done all my quests, but that was only monsters that had something to do with my old quests, like Jack-o-Laterns. But I only went and killed them when I had like 89% exp or something like that.


As I said earlier, I will only cover for 40-60. Those are the toughest levels to level in, At least for me.

Level 40

You'll spend most of your time in Dark Moon Castle in your 40s. But you'll visit Desert Fields and Dark Forest for quests. o;

Dark Moon Castle
How to get in: You have to have the Ignate skill that you get from a quest from Ignate during level 15.
Monsters: Shadow Ninja Blue,
Shadow Ninja Red, Shadow Ninja Purple, Shadow Ninja Black, Shadow Ninja White, Mechapring/Mechapring Original, Canine God & Ghost Warrior.
Dungeon: Moon of the 16th Day
Tips: During you early 40+ levels I would suggest that you should keep yourself on the "Ninja Area". I mean: If you see Mechapring, Mechapring Original, Canine Dog or Ghost Warrior, You are at the wrong place.
Mechapring can kick your ass, Mechapring Original will kick your ass, Canine Dog can also kick your ass and Ghost warrior will make your ass cease to exist. So if you see them, change room.
Shadow Ninja White hides rather deep into the castle, so I belive you have to cross a room with Canine Dogs to get to a room with white ninjas and a Iris stone. Now, I do believe by that time you should be able to kill some Canine Dogs, but they can be really difficult. So I'd suggest that you go with a party to kill them. DO NOT MOB CANINE DOGS! At least not in your early 40s, their jump attack makes you flinch for a bit and lots of Canine Dogs attacking you might lead you to a certian death. You can probably also kill Mechaprings, but mob them and you might have some problems.

Take every quest you have to the Dark Moon Castle and do them. When you come to your late 40s, go and grind at Shadow Ninja White. They give quite good exp then. You should grind there during... ...prehaps level 47-50. You'll get used to it~

Don't forget to the the quests in Dark Forest & Desert Field.

Location: Desert Field
How to get in: Go to Aoich and go through the portal on the right side of the city.
Prispring, Axe Beak, Blood Cube, Liquid Cube, Shotaro/Tone-Deaf Shotaro, Berserker Sandman
Now, Jady tipped that you could grind at Prisprings at mid-40s. Be careful, Prisprings likes to mob you. ALOT. I don't know how many times I've died because of a group of Prispring decided to gather where I walked. But they give good exp, so it should make up for it. :3 Just make sure you got alot of potions, good defence and/or possibly a party.
Ps, Watch out for Berserker Sandman, They show no mercy for cute level 40 warriors.

Level 50

Level 50 is a part of the "hell leveling", it's probably the most difficult levels before secound job advancement. You have a VERY few quests here so most of the time you'll spend your time grinding~ You have three different places to go to:

Location: Saurus Fields
How to get in: You have to go through the Pyramid Ruins and get to the Airway. There is a portal to Saurus Fields there.
Monsters: PurpleHusu, Sabre Tiger, Sabre Tiger King, Bronto, Stego, Strong Stego & Ptera.
Tips: Saurus Fields will help you a bit in your early 50s. Do all the quests you have here and after that go and grind at Pteras. It's easy like that. However, Pteras are on Level 54, so don't go and grind there directly. Prehaps with a party, but don't try too much alone during Level 50-52.

Location: Foe Mansion
How to get in: Go through the Dark Forest and on Dark Forest 4 there should be a portal the leads to Foe Mansion.
Monsters: Victor, Vampanelar & Specter.
Dungeon: Gothic Room
Tips: This is only a suggestion grinding place. If you get tired of grinding on Skeleton or Pteras. If you do get tired of them, go and grind on Vampanelars, it's a nice change.

Location: Pyramid Ruins
How to get in: You have to go through the Desert Field and go to Desert Field 7. There is a portal to the Pyramid Ruind.
Monsters: Priting, Zombie/Half dead Zombie, Mummy Zombie, Skeleton, Zombie Piring, Bendersnatch & Lamia.
Dungeon: Pyramid Treasure Vault
Tips: You'll spend almost ALL your time here when you reach level 50. I know this place like my hand. Anyway, you're gonna gride at Skeletons. they give quite good exp and is pretty easy to mob. But be careful, okey? Another grinding spot can be the Bendersnatchers. They give a little more exp then skeletons but they are quite hard to handle. They are also at level 57, so Level 56 or more should be good enough to grind at them. But, I'd suggest that you should bring a party and grind at them. More people can make a bit more easier~ But as I said, only go to Bendersnatchers when you're bored on Skeletons.

Level 60

You could say that level 60 is the hell levels too, I'm still stuck here. So I don't have much information about this area. But I'll share what I know.

Location: Orca Beach
How to get in:
Go through Elfa.
Monsters: Crab, Violet Crab & Sea Star
Tips: You'll spend alot of time here during your early level 60s. You're suppost to grind at Crabs or Violet Crabs, but I strongly suggest that you should go with Crabs at first.
CRABS AND VIOLET CRABS ARE MOBBERS. They are not very Mercyful with you when you're alone. Believe me, I don't know how many time they've mobbed me to death. So try to avoid to go there alone and try to always be in a party. Be sure to have a healer, you'll need it. It is okey to go alone, but crabs have a high chance of mobbing you, so go there with a party. Okey~?

Level 70

Location: Lilliput ocean
How to get in: Go through the jungel area from Ves and go to Jungel Area 5. Then go thorugh City of Lilliput and take the last portal to right.
Monsters: Lilliput Navy & Neo Lilliput Navy
Tips: Neo Lilliput Navy gives pretty good exp. They, however, like to mob you when they get the chance. I bet I lost 20% of exp thanks to them. Try to fight them with a small party and they shouldn't be a big problem. But if you fight alone, try to avoid to have 4 or more attacking you. They'll shoot you to death with their arrows.

Location: Lilliput freeway
How to get in: Go through Lilliput ocean and Lilliput forest.
Monsters: Lilliput Airforce, Circus Divison & Neo Circus Divison
Tips: The freeway is a quite popular grinding place for level 70+ LaTalers. So you're lucky if you find a spot in there to grind at.
Anyway, even though it's a pretty good place to grind at, you have to be careful. Lilliput Airforce and the circus divisons will come from left to right and might not want to give you a break. Run if it becomes too hard.
Bring alot of potions, becuase they'll get wasted like milk to a kitten.

Location: Spooky Village
How to get in: Go through Yong Gyoung and through the Red crop field. Go thorugh the Red crop storage map and when you climb up to the portal that leads to the cherry lake, you'll see the instant.
Monsters: Wisp, Animated Jar, Night Goblin, Miss Gaga and Undertaker
Tips: Yes, This is a level 60 instant dungeon. but believe me. IT GIVES AWESOME EXP IF YOU FIGHT THE RIGHT MONSTER. Wisps gives a pretty good amount of exp and is easy to mob. Animated Jars, Night Goblings and Miss Gagas are a bit harder though. Miss Gagas is in the highest level if we just count in "the normal monsters" of the dungeon, therefor, gives the most exp. When I had the iris' blessing and a 30% exp potion thingy, I earned 80-96k exp per Miss Gaga. Which is REALLY GOOD for me at least. However, YOU CAN'T MOB MISS GAGAS. They deal about 100+ damage in almost every attack and that can be pretty critical for a warrior. I soloed some Miss Gagas and if I tried to mob them, My HP bar went swhoop and almost went to zero. So when grinding at Miss Gagas be sure to bring a party. I do believe that you can grind at Animated Jars and Night Gobling too, but I haven't really tested them yet.
If you want to, you can always try to challange the Undertaker. He's at level 70 and drops the Death MG.
So a few good things to remember when grinding in Spooky Village:
Bring plenty of potions.
Don't die.

Level 80

[work in progress]

Tips from Warriors

I though that it would be a good idea to have a section where other warriors could share their tips and tricks to other more newer warriors or warriors who already know their stuff.


"When training, try to gather 2-4 monsters at a time so you can conserve SP while maximizing your killing potential. Also be sure your potions are not in the cool down state. The idea of grinding is to constantly mob, but in a controlled manner so you don't get over-run by monsters."
- LilPhenyl

"Airskilling is your friend at Lilliput Freeway."
- Jady

"If you spot someone around your level, kindly ask if they want to party with you. Partying is always faster than soloing. However, many of the newer players try to pack their party with 3 others, making the exp outage lesser than soloing/etc. If you must, get a maximum of TWO other people in the party, however, one other person should be more than enough."
- LilPhenyl

"Make sure they're around your skill level (IE: Good gear like yours, pots, they know what to do, etc). It's not nice to kick someone for having bad gear or not knowing what to do, but these types of people only cause your character harm. You will be picking up all the slack, burning pots as they use you as a shield and you'll be leveling much slower. In other words, that person is leeching and you're just letting them walk all over you by being "nice"."
- LilPhenyl

"When training, be courteous and don't use your partner as a meat shield unless you know they can take it. For example, monsters follow you or the nearest person, so if you run behind someone, the monsters will begin attacking them. Be sure to ask beforehand though. If they die, they will/should blame you because... Well, it was YOUR fault."
- LilPhenyl


"After level 40, enchanting your equipment for stamina is very important to survival since you are a melee unit and enemies will be hitting much harder as time passes on. Then you can enchant your gear with strength if you got room (which you should still have room)."
- LilPhenyl

"Always keep up to par with elemental stones. You can use elemental stones for extra stamina/strength enchantment space. The same goes for rings and earrings. The more gear you can enchant (even if you have no use for it and it doesn't take the spot of something useful) the better!"
- LilPhenyl

"Always keep a shield in your other weapon equipment spot so you can switch to it in dire situations. Guarding + Shield helps much more than you think since you can't always run if you're in a corner. If you can afford it, scroll the shield for defense or some such."
- LilPhenyl

"It's probably a better idea to pack some sta especially by level 60, because that's when the mobs start getting a bit stronger than what you're used to D:"
- Jady

"Enchant for speed once you can get up to 5 enchants on your shoes. Speed helps you navigate a map much faster, it also helps you flee attacking mobs. That extra boost will help you survive. Speed is also the secret to having awesome PVP-skills, so it helps two ways. Physical evasion is nice, but it just doesn't do much until you can get 15~25% at the LEAST. It's only noticeable on yellow/yellowish green/green monsters as well..."
- LilPhenyl


"If you're low on HP/ran out of HP pots or combo pots, never run straight past enemies. Jump over them (keep jumping as you run) to avoid further injury. If they have crazy AoE attacks, you may be screwed... So keep an eye out at all times while on the battle field."
- LilPhenyl

"Weapon Cases are expensive and greatly help you out with your battle performance later on down the line. I'd say they are mandatory after level 60 for the sake of ease... So if you can't afford it, don't worry. A +1~+2 (and higher) weapon case is sorta cheaper in the long run (like 3m-4m versus 2m-3m for the +0 one) and adds more. A +0 case will have nearly unnoticeable effects anyway. (So don't waste your money if you're poor! Just wait it out or make your own!)"
- LilPhenyl

"Go hybrid up to level 80, because 8 skills are easier to spam than 4 skills, and the last skill of each tree are completely awesome. (sorry if I mentioned that more than once)"
- Jady

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