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Default Mito Makuro 「泉戸 まくろ」& Kagoshimi Nyarurato 「籠シミ ニャルラト」

Mito Makuro 「泉戸 まくろ」

Existence thought up while playing:
Monster Hunter Frontier
- Monster Hunter

But in actual fact, he isn't a monster hunter at all...

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Black hair, dark eyes, slightly tanned skin.
Clothing: White under-shirt, and then a white shirt over it. Brown long pants and canvas shoes.

A teenager with pure black hair, and eyes that seemly looks like a black endless void. His past is a mystery that no one ever knows about, without any doubt... But one thing for sure, hes obviously someone that you don't ever want to mess with, ever. Usually serious, this particular individual is always silent, always watching. But hes ready to assist you in times of need if you really require help.

Makuro, unlike most characters in most MMORPGs, uses multiple weapons for combat. In particular, this style of gameplay can be observed in a particular game called Monster Hunter Frontier. In particular, this character can also cast certain levels of spells.

Lastly, Makuro's weapon in particular, isn't really just any weapon that you can find in any game. Its a living weapon, a spirit weapon in fact. This allows him to converse, understand and work with the weapon in a way more effective than any warriors can. In particular, it's form and function can even change to suit the particular weapon user's needs.

- Wyvern Fire (Gunlance only skill)
This enables the user to suppress and flinch the particular enemy. This particular skill appears in-game only if you use the GUNLANCE type weapon. It takes about 3 seconds to charge, blasts out a huge fireball which appearance and damage-wise would be the same as a wyvern's fireball.
- Power Slash (Great Sword only skill)
This particular skill requires about three seconds to charge. Its an overpowered great sword move that not only flinches the enemy, but does massive damage at the same time. This move is in fact, used in multiple situations while fighting against massive wyverns and monsters alike. In-game, this skill is used by many as a finisher move, or to stop the wyvern from escaping. Risky, but useful.
- Demonize (Dual Swords only skill)
This skill em-blesses the user with the power of Ashura himself, the demon god. It allows the user to go into a swords dancing frenzy, slicing the victim into ribbon'd shreds. While powerful, in game, this particular skill would use up massive amounts of stamina, which is important for stuffs like attacking, or in particular, fleeing from wyverns, monsters and elder dragons. This skill can easily blunt a well sharpened weapon within seconds due to the speed of the slicing against armored scales or hide.
- Assault/ Charge (Lance only skill)
Simple but effective, whats more damaging by smashing into your enemy with a huge sharpened lance? By focusing all the power of the user's strength into that little sharp point at the end of a pointed stick, this skill enables the ability of piercing through multiple enemies at once. As of course, it would take up loads of stamina while running about the place like a steam engine, and it would leave you prone to attacks from behind.
- Rapid Fire (Bowgun/ Heavy Bowgun only skill)
Through much time spent learning, reloading, shooting and aiming with this particular weapon, the time spent shoving shells after shells, clips after clips into this killing machine becomes a simple act of instinct. The rapid fire system is simple. Instead of shooting normally, the user is practically squeezing the trigger and pumping out five shots instead of one. This could make up for the limited amount of ammunition for certain bowguns, or as a sick fascination of torture to break beaks, pierce wings or to amputate tails. The only problem with this particular skill is that it's rate of fire would take longer, as because you're firing five times instead of one.

Alt/EXT. Skills:
Whats the point of making your own character if you can't get your own skills? This skill in particular had made me spend time thinking, over and over again... And I do believe I've found the perfect skill for it.

- Spellcaster
This enables the user to cast spells of different elements and mix elements to increase the spell's potential. Note that the elements doesn't means the original "Fire, water, air, metal, wood... ETC."
- Shield style element: Enables the casting of shielding spells. Note that shields that forms an aura around the user would be weaker than a focused version of the shield. Some particular shields can be manipulated to attack, or even reflect spells.
- Machine style element: Enables the casting of machine style spells, this includes the particular machine gun style spells, to knives and swords. Please note in particular that this spell in particular would focus more on man-made objects, from computers to missiles and chainsaws.
- Support style element: This particular element would allow particular aliments that affects either the user or the targeted opponent. From body support spells to paralyzing spells, this element would help in particular.
- Fire
- Water
- Lighting
- etc.


Kagoshimi Nyarurato 「籠シミ ニャルラト」

Existence thought up while playing:
Trickster Online
- Primadonna

Once again, not really interested in making her based off a Trickster Online character at all...

Gender: Female
Age: 16 (In actual fact, shes 473 year old, 8 months, 5 days, 33 hours and 24 minutes old, based on the time spent playing on L4D, LOL!)
Appearance: Light brown hair, purple eyes, fair skin
Clothing: <- This should work... Right?
More classical, Nekomata form:

Nyarurato has been dead for a long time already. Being in 473 years of solitude and silence hasn't helped her much at all... After all, being a teenager... Even if it means a long time before computers and stuffs came by doesn't means you would always be entertained by books, right? Even though she has spent a longer time than the most of us walking on Earth, that doesn't makes her anymore knowledgeable than the rest of us. Nyarurato is always seeking for fun, laughter and is pretty sly and childish at times. Shes the spirit weapon of Makuro, following him everywhere, or anywhere like glue.

Nyarurato ended up with Makuro through an accidental meeting when Makuro was taking up against a elder dragon (A Teostra of course, I hate those freaking flame aura spewing bastards D<) that's many times stronger than him in ability and skill-wise. While spending sometimes in the hospital after almost dying in battle, Makuro has unknowingly forged a soul link with Nyarurato (To explain this, imagine meeting up with someone that apparently died on the exact same place as where you did, you would be able to converse and interact with that person. Sadly, what Makuro has experienced was a near-death experience, otherwise Nyarurato would have a new mate to talk with rather than spending her time alone, LOL!). Of course, he dint really like this particular childish, loud and fun loving spirit following him about... But he'll just have to make do with it.

Lastly, Nyarurato's ability is to materialize as Makuro's weapon/s. This enables her the ability to be able to interact with her environment, unlike most spirits. Though Nyarurato can be considered as a spirit, but she has the ability to project and materialize as herself as a human to prove a particular point, or to interact with stuffs. She tends to stay about Makuro in spirit form, fearing that he would be able to punish her if she irritates him in her physical form that he can force some justice on her.

- Weapon Form
This enables the user to transform, or morph into a weapon. In this particular case, the weapons that Nyarurato can transform into would be limitless. This allows a free-flow of ideas in which weapon she can take form while keeping in check of her wielder's limitations.
- Materialize
Enable physical interaction with objects.
- Spell Focus (Passive Ability)
This allows the user to asorb and focus magical powers. Particularly useful while not only allowing the user to hold massive amounts of mana, it also enables the user to fire out particularly powerful bolts of magical energy. It focuses and intensify spell damage, and increases spell output. The only unintended liability of this skill is that it would cause a great loss of power for the spellcaster at a particular time limit if the user is separated from the particular spellcaster.
- Answer Talker (Passive Ability)
Being 473 year old would means that making simple calculations and predictions would be really simple for Nyarurato. After spending such a huge amount of time doing almost nothing, the user would be thinking about more of the physical stuffs. This ability allows the user to answer anything so long if they can focus on the target. As shown in particular mangas like Konjiki no Gash Bell, so long if you can focus on the question, the answer would naturally appear in the user's mind. Questions like "How do I dodge this particular attack" or "What should I do to make this person like me more" and stuffs like that would naturally be answered, of course. Note that only Nyarurato has this skill, and Makuro doesn't.
- Cooperation (Passive Ability)
Your personality works like a mirror, being really cooperative would means people would like to be cooperative with you too.

Alt/EXT. Skills:
Man, thinking up skills for Nyarurato is way easier than Makuro, as shes more of a supportive style character. I do believe that this ability would help by alot, therefore I'm particularly interested to see how would other members characters interact with this particular ability.

- Overtuning
This ability allows Nyarurato to interact with her user in a form that synchronize her thoughts with her user. This allows her abilities and knowledge to be transferred and used by another person. This might seems to be simple, and particularly average at first, but through much usage... This ability proves to be a winning card in MOST if not all of Makuro's battles... Or is it?

This is Kyuubey

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