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well not that i dowan to help invite ppl to join mmog... but i don't know many ppl to invite them... i don't have any real life friends who even plays TO... even though i did try to get them to play... none of them tried playing... i also did advertise to my guild mates in MS to join TO... only one actually did come over... but she doesn't play TO as much... as for TO guild members... my guilds are practially "dead" these days... only once a while do i see other ppl online...

anyway neojeko... which is more important...? to get more forum members... or to get more visiters to MMOG? because i think most ppl would be interested in the info in wiki to help them with the game... but probably only a handful would be interested to "waste" their time to participate in the forum. if getting more forum members is more important... a "not-exactly-friendly" suggestion (and maybe not implementable?) is to restrick viewing of wiki when u register to the forum. another downside is... if MTO continues to operate... ppl might find it too hassle to visit MMOG wiki site and they migrate back to MTO...