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Default MMOG SDGO Clan 2

Hello, i'm here to announce that MMOG2 Clan has been made.

The link is at below:

List Of Members In MMOG2 :
NekoMaO - NekoMaO
RacerX - 0reo
SereneSky - mangos
c2lover - 20090526
KurtArcher - KurtArch (friend of c2lover)
Solaratov - Solartov
IonCannon - Masturb8
einyaki - Inovade
ReimuHakurei - NuKira
???? - k0113 ( Friend of Weis )
Wing - WingXAce
Jimwhat - Jimwhat
???? - Keruz
???? - 大東Joseph ( Friend of NekoMaO )
LilMewMew- Mewgirl

Reminder : Towards those player that are from former MMOG clan, If you wanted to leave the clan, after you choose to quit the clan, you actually needed to wait for 1 day or wait until Taiwan Region Time GMT 8+ 7:00AM that time, because the server will be refreshed that time so you will be out of the clan that time.

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