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IGN: Kays/Kay
Class: Meister/Treasure Hunter lt_treasurehunter
Level: 1xx/1xx
Guild: Rainbow Candy
Smile .:|<3|RainbowCandy|<3|:. Lv.7 [ORDER] - Recruiting Aussies/SEA players

sugar baby... mmmm


[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]1. Guildies please provide Niz a SS of themself in PNG format (can change under "settings" in game) for Guild Picture. (send it to OR upload on and post the link here.)

2. Congratulations to OdjiNuru, ThePlaya, Poeteck, PeryI for HITTING LEVEL 80!!!!

3. Welcome new members!

Current Guild Emblem:

Guild Leader: Kays -14x Meister

Vice Leader

Yukinoann - 8x (Inactive)
UltraViolet - 10x (Semi-Active)
DanJD - 4x (Inactive)
Axelz - 14x (Active)
NizKun - 13x (Active)




1. LVL 60+ (Level's negotiable)

1. LVL 60+ (Level's negotiable)

2. Be yourself

3. Active (In terms of interaction with the guild)

4. No begging for astros and elys!

5. AND we'll conduct a very strict interview to see how dedicated u are =D

6. Sorry but no more than 1 character from the same player in the same guild (Vice and Captains are excepted - limited to 2 only)

The benefit of joining us is....

Kays eat alot of sugar candies and would like to share.

Madelia makes really good rice dishes

Ultraviolet is a celebrity

Nizkun is a woman's haven (men maybe too)

Odjinuru is rich

SkittlesX333 has a large collection of sharp blades

Kyurei likes to PeeVeePee

On the serious note

we have in-guild events occasionally

guild lvl 7 bonus stats: accuracy +8% Item Drop Rate +4%

get helps with Instances from higher levels (if you ask nicely and bribe us with cookies)

friendly guild leaders (we can be bad if thats what you want!)

Need I to say more?




Post Here with your

IGN (In Game Name):
Why you wish to join (Optional):

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