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After I got to 15, and started the Ranger quest, I was referred to this thread for a rough translation.

It was entirely wrong (Except for part 3 and 4 I guess?)
Ranger = First job. You say go to dungeon set 1 for first job. Nope, it's set 2.

Part 1: Kill the boss in set 2 level 5 twice.
Part 2: Get 10 bat wings, and 18 Rat Tails. Bat wings can be found in the latter dungeons of set 2, and Rat Tails can only be gotten from the rats in the bottom first and third sections of dungeon 3. First section has ten rats, third has six rats, and you can not get more credit for repeat kills.
Part 3: Talk to Hoffman about the quest (He completes it for you and gives you part 4)
Hoffman is the fat guy directly to the left of the bank in town 2 that trades you upgrade stones for cards.
Part 4: Kill 15 Wisps in Dungeon set 2 level 1.

I made an account JUST to post this.