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I really had to stop in and say thank you for this guide, when I was getting ready to start my dragon(as my second char) I realized how many things I did wrong with my buffalo(bad skills, bad point distribution, bad gear, etc) so I really looked around for a good guide to even just point out the different dragon paths(well sheep or dragon) and I have to admit, this guide is epic. It had not only what I wanted(everything I wanted exactly) but stuff I didn't even think I needed. I loved how you went build by build after the shaman, giving me an advance look at all the possible ways I could make a Wizard(or any other type of dragon) and how much I needed to know to make it work. I especially liked how you listed tm lvls to get certain skills at, where to save, where to spend, and the descriptions, and most importantly the reasons why. This I think, is hands down, no doubts whatsoever, hand to God, the greatest guide I have ever read for any game period. I have to give you a round of applause, hope your gf or bf didn't do unpleasant things to you during the making of this guide, it must have taken weeks if not months. Funny thing, when I started my dragon I started 2 new characters, my dragon and my lion. I spent 2hrs looking up sheep and dragon skills and guides trying to decide which I wanted to do(just knew it had to aoe), including reading this guide before finally settling on dragon with an aim to become a wind/earth wizard. Now for the funny part, after all that work, all the information I poured over to make my decision and start planning, it took me about 20-30min to learn enough about my choice in sense char's to find a guide and pick a pure ac 1144 lion gunner. Does that say something about the lack of variety in lions, or about how good this guide was that it took me so long to get through it in addition to all the other guides and pages I went over?

Well I babbled enough, thanks for everything, not only do I use this guide, but when I got my aunt to start playing this game, first thing I did when I heard she was planning to play dragon was to point her at this guide and tell her to read it. Now I tell her each and every night what the guide tells her to do, she didn't make much effort to remember the guide although she was impressed with it too. Although I think she likes it a lot more now since she hit 37/40 and got mist of mana to 10(still looking for Koom Cards).