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Originally Posted by Saibak
Just a quick impression on her attacking-skills so far (stage only):

Very good combo-linker and damage is okay. 1 or max.
Left mine at one. o.o

Currently i have as much points as i can in it, but i don't use this one much. It's not bad on enemies, which can be knockdowned, but if you use it on unflinchible ones you'll end up eating at least one hit, because Asuka jumps in the air and stays there, until the last hit is performed. I think i'll skip this one, if i RB. Can you even combo with it?
Maxing it. :x Love the knock up, and good damage so far.
Her starting skill. Pretty good damage and easily comboable. Also very good at hit and run tactis, since you can dash-cancel the "idle-animation" at the end of it. I'd say max.

One of her two AoE-skills. Bad damage on tiny targets, but deadly on big targets. The only annoying thing is, that it gets canceled easily, since it has no invinci-frames. Max it.
Awwwwwwwesome skill. 8D
I think the last hit is a hard KD and pushes the target far away. May be worth maxing, since the damage increase is really good. I just left it at 1 though.
I really considered maxing this...but meh. :/ I don't usually max HKD skills like this.
This one is really impressive when you get it (ten hits for ~40 damage each), but in the later stages i didn't find it much usefull anymore (left it at 1). And in a combo i was only able to get all hits on a walled enemy.

A ranged attack. So far i only use it for pushing back annoying enemies. 1 point, since the damage increase isn't really good.
Seriously. I was like "OOOOOOOOOMG" when I got it. But +5 damage per hit sucks.
No idea about this one. If you put points in this skill, it can be damaging, but there's a small delay until Asuka begins to attack. I left it at one.

The "sniping skill". A successfull hit knocks the target down and stuns it, when it gets back up. There's also a possibiity to escape, when you're cornered. 1 point.

I really like this skill. Very good damage and also covers a nice area in front of you. Comboing requires a bit of timing. Max it.

Deals two strong hits. High damage increase per point. Comboing with it is difficult, but if you manage to do it, the enemy is pretty much dead. I'm maxing it.

Her level 60 skill. 40 piercing hits for about 130 damage each. For a lot of damage the target should be in the center of the AoE or most of the attacks will miss. Downisde is, it's casting time is kinda long and the damage increase per level is a whopping 3 or 4 points. Just leave it at 1.

Btw, Asuka flashes her panties even more than Arien
10chaaaaaaarz. >:

Edit: Has anyone beat 1-10L yet? With my lag and the 100 mushroom poisons...I can't so far. <.<

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