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Originally Posted by SpinSpinBunny
I can't remember all of Ryan's details, but it deals with switched up mission items. Same amounts, but switched.
...Or was it 10,20,40 in NA? @_@
30pvp wins (ugh)
20trunks (more ugh....)
40frags (ok)

Just searched somewhere

Originally Posted by Zamte View Post
In bGC, according to my friend who translated, all you have to do to get Ryan is win PvP for 20 medals, collect some fragment type items in Partusay's Sea, and beat Elizabeth in Marsh of Despair 20 times. So he should be easier to get than Lass, even if he is introduced later on. All those things ought to be soloable for a 25-30 easy.
God dammit.......Well it's ten less so w/e.......

Level requirement for jobs is 5-20-30 on other versions right? o-o
The leveling is slower...correct?

Just me imagining myself killing GC's GM's.

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