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Originally Posted by Tenelax
Aww Wafflez will need to wait till the guild level up ;_; I'LL DO EVERY QUEST FOR YOU WAFFLEZ!

Btw nice new avatar Sanichi. Oh and Mei how did u get that Closed Beta banner since I would like to have it please
I made it using a screenie I took. >w< I can make one for you guys, too; provide me with a screenshot of your character (.bmp or .png files only, please) in whatever pose you like (and if you want a text bubble like mine, be sure to say what you want in the screenie), and tell me what color you want the bar to be (otherwise, I'll use your character's hair).

Mm, yep. Just give me time. X3 Hehe.

Welcome, BoredomKillz~

Edit // Also, it'd be really helpful for me if you can take the screenshot where there's not a lot of items/color/distraction in the background, because I erase everything by hand. XD;

^ very outdated ^

For the record, I've fallen off the face of online gaming but I've missed you guys. ;~;