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((Hmm, it seems you guys are eager to beat the living souls out of beasts and demons. I'll stay around campus for abit, hopefully I won't be a loner :s. If I do become a loner I'll just join up with you guys :P))

After a little time lost from brainless dreaming, Leda got up and dusted herself off. She walked back into the reception area and asked for the set of keys that the receptionist had forgotten to give her. After a sincere apology, the desk lady quickly handed her the keys and a map to the Academy.

"The subject coordinator isn't in his office right now, but his room is located on the 2nd floor. His room number is 33. You could proobably talk with him there." the receptionist told Leda with confidence.

"Ah, thanks so much." Leda bowed politely as she took her leave, heading up the stairs to the 2nd floor. As she reached the top of the stairs she noticed a man who was rambling to himself. "I wonder if that man is the coordinator? All of the students should be in the courtyard or elsewhere at the moment. Also, the lady didn't tell me what he looked like. Guess I'll just ask." Leda paced quickly until she was within talking range of the person in question.

"Excuse me! Are you the subject coordinator?" She asked loudly, a few feet behind the black haired man.

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