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Ok.....once again, I feel the need to disregard my last post.

I've been reading lots and lots, and frankly......3rd Viken job is not worth my dignity or patience. Im thinking...why bother busting balls to get a job for the purpose of simply going through dungeons several times......just to go back to pvp for another quest? Its gonna be recycled so many times until im sick of it quite frankly. The way Ntreev is handling the game (along with what I hear is a mass banning of several users over bullshit almost), leads me to believe that I wasted so much time getting to 35 in the first place. Everything is rigged so that people desire cash items. And then after that....what next? Wait for the next dungeon update for the same bs of gong through rooms and rooms of the same enemies? Or more pvp with a shit community?

Really......I enjoy Ryan and I wanted to try Jin, but I am quite tired of this low drop rate/absurd frag/pvp wins shit and I fail to see why I even came back. I just want to play the characters and classes, not torment myself in an exercise in damnation.

Someone, please show me the way to BGC so that I can play almost all classes pl0x.

Just me imagining myself killing GC's GM's.