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Sorry, I just got back from other stuff. Massive post. \o

Originally Posted by Maestro4k
I have a question, what exactly are the gif images you're wanting/needing? Would these be animated gifs of their idle animations, or something else?
The regular stand-still pose of the NPC.

Originally Posted by Pauliewoggy
Also @ Chesters: I think 3rd person would be better.
Yes, on second thought, please change all first person descriptions to third person. Please modify as little as possible though, as in most (if not all) will just need the "I" switched to a "he/she."

In addition, for NPCs without a description, I believe it is in the best interest for us to make our own sentence description. For now, just note which NPCs do NOT have a description and we'll do them later.

Originally Posted by Maestro4k
OK, large images for all NPCs in Elias with a page already up are done except:
  • Ring (Because there's what looks like a namespace collision. I didn't want to risk breaking something.)
That's an image left over from Trickster, just overwrite it and it will be deleted later.

Originally Posted by Maestro4k
I can't figure out how to add pages properly for the NPCs that don't already have pages, but I'll continue to upload images for the ones that are already there.
Just type the page you want to go to in the URL at the top of your browser, and you can make the page from there.
Originally Posted by Maestro4k
Edit 1: Large images for all NPCs in Yong Gyoung have now been uploaded. It lists Shaowee in the inn for some reason, when it should be Kazno. I uploaded Kazno's image already so it's ready for when his page is created.
I forgot which NPC was in there, and I just assumed it was Shaowee since she was the boss. '-';; But it's fixed now.

Originally Posted by Sandrie
Edit:Created pages for surrounding areas of Elias. No idea how to add the "abilities" divorce, marry, and the Iris stones.
All you really need to do is click the broken (red) link where the description should be and edit it in. Otherwise, you can just tell me which abilities you need and I'll make the little pages for them. (I sort of enjoy making the descriptions anyway \o\)

Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
im not very good at uploading or making pages `-` but i can add info and whatnot when all that is done =D
Any help is appreciated!

Originally Posted by Sandrie
Okay I created missing pages for all the npcs from Elias to Elfa(edit:Finished! wow that took a while.). Also added that Levi is the NPC in the Elias Security office.
Thanks! (for the x amount of times)

Originally Posted by Maestro4k
All Right, I did some searching and have found a program to extract the data from the SPF files. So... I'll be sorting and re-uploading because I now have the most recent set which includes the missing NPCs. ^_^ I'll go ahead and upload the missing ones in the meantime, so it may be a day or two before I upload the updated ones.
Thanks for the help, otherwise I'd have to bother Medi about the sprites.

However, please remember to keep on topic, not about the things you found while extracting.

Thanks for the hard work guys.