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A man confusingly wonders around the campus grounds of Raven Academy. He soon notices a lady at a desk that seems to be a faculty member of the school. He's only seen students of the school wandering the school grounds, so he feels happy, as he can finally ask for some help and directions.

"Could you tell me where I can confirm my enrollment here?" The lady looked up from her paperwork on the desk and smiled with a reply, "Yes, you can do that here. What is your name?" The man shows a relieved expression, and gives her his name, Leht Therthar. The lady searches her papers for a moment. "Yes, I have your registration form here."

She hands him some essentials for those new at the school, such as a map, and hands him his keys to his room. "Your room is on the 37th floor, room 372, you're bunking with--" Leht cuts the lady off, and relunctantly asks for a room alone, and near the ground floor. The lady checks her papers oncemore, and give a sigh, "That's fine. Your room is on the 2nd floor, room 29." Leht exchanges his keys and starts reading his map while navigating to his room.

On his way to his room, he thinks loudly in his mind: "This place seems like a perfect place for me to live in! Lots of people, which means lots of jobs, practically free residence, lots of things to learn..."