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"W-whaa?!" said Yoruhime as she saw Rydia collapsed. Fortunately, Yoruhime had quick reflexes and manages to catch her in time. "Rydia! Hey, are you alright?"

Suddenly, something came flying at her. With one arm she held Rydia firmly and with the other hand, she pulled her sword out just in time for the thing to hit her blade and rebounced back. It seemed like the fog has disappeared but turned into multiple creatures. Another came flying again but Yoruhime quickly reacted by slicing it. To her surprise, the creature only split into two without any harms whatsoever.

"Tch. I guess physical attacks won't work." Yoruhime would have no choice but to use her fire magic. "But this will be difficult when there's so many of them and one collapsed girl on my side."

The fog creatures shot forward and the attack began! Holding Rydia tight, Yoruhime jumped and concentrated her qi (energy flow). While still in the air above, she yelled, "Eat this!" Fireballs shot from her mouth, landing straight at the creatures below.

"Booyah!" said Yoruhime as she landed safely with Rydia, right next to a flight of stairs that led the floor below them. But before the smoke could even clear, a few fog creatures shot out. They hit Yoruhime hard into the wall, causing Yoruhime to lose grip of Rydia.

"Ah shi--" cried Yoruhime as Rydia began to fall towards the flight of stairs..

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