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((You two can go on ahead for a bit, I just want to explore for now. I'll catch up when my time is right.))

"That just screams fishy..." Leda knew Rydia was up to something, but whether or not to intervine and investigate was the question.

Leda figured that she'd give Rydia's lie the hike and go to the school courtyard for a quick rest and look around. "The club rosters are on the billboard I think, and today is when they advertise according to the website." Leda wanted to check out the clubs on offer, because the going home club wasn't doable anymore.

The courtyard was simply beautiful. Gardenbeds were kept tip top, the pathways were free of even a speck of litter and the clubs really were advertising today.

What really caught Leda's attention though was the gossip flying about.

"What do you think is above floor 50?"
"I don't know, but do you guys hear things at night?"
"I do, all these straching noises. It's really annoying."
"Maybe there's dragons and stuff up there!"
"Don't be stupid dude, those things don't exist."
"Hey, my friend just texted me, he said he saw kids go up the forbidden stairs!"
"Shhh! Amanda will hear us!"

"Oh god, don't tell me..." Leda automatically face palmed. Even if the top floors scream 'search me!', one doesn't do it in broad daylight. Well Leda doesn't, anyways.

"I'm not worried, I'm not interested." Leda faked a smile as she searched the billboard for anything that would catch a bite in her interest books.

The only bite was beyond floor 50. "Screw it, I'll daydream under a tree to forget about it." Leda made herself comfortable on the cut grass, under the shade of an apple tree. She stared blankly ahead, watching endless amounts of people walk by.

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