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"Yosh! Cleaning 100% done!" smiled Yoruhime happily. She had turned her room into a dynasty-styled weapon room. Even if she was suppose to share the room with someone, she doubt any room mates will voluntarily stay here. She looked at the digital clock she placed on her counter next to the bed. "Good, there's still alot of time left for exploring before dinner," she thought. She was about to leave when she stopped and turned around to grab her katana. It does not hurt to be cautious at times, especially when she was sensing awkward vibes from this academy.

Oriental Black. That was the name of her sword, a katana that was longer than a ninja-katana and much different from an odachi katana. Yoruhime slowly pulled the sword from its black and silver sheath. The shoulder of the sword reflected the light of the sun that came from the window. There was also some sort of fiery design imprinted in the sword that would appear a bit black, depending on the angles of view. The katana was given to her on one of her missions back in China by a travelling blacksmith. After finishing the mission, she wished to return the favour but could not find the blacksmith ever again. Smiling at the sword, she whispered, "I couldn't count how many times you saved my life though."

Putting back into its sheath, she headed out of her room in time to see a young woman heading towards the stair. She had green hair and was wearing strange clothings but then again, Yoruhime shouldn't be the one to talk since she was wearing strange clothings herself. "Suspicious," she thought as she quietly followed suit.