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Ding! 'Floor 49' was clearly written on the digital sign of the elevator. The elevator door opened but Yoruhime continued to just stand there. "What is this queasy feeling I'm getting?" Yoruhime turned her head to the buttons to notice something strange. Numbers up to 49 were listed but there were no numbers listed above floor 49. "That's strange. Perhaps they have a seperate elevator for those floors?"

The elevator door was about to close until Yoruhime stuck out a hand to stop the door from closing. Shaking her head, she said out loud, "Quit fooling around, Yoruhime!"

She carried her belongings to her room. As she dig for her keys, she notice a girl standing next door. She had jet black hair and yellow eyes just like herself, except her own eyes had more gold than orange. The girl was about to turn her head but Yoruhime quickly looked back at her door. Finally finding the card key, she opened the door.

The bedroom didn't look too shabby. No wait, it was bedrooms. She made sure she booked a room that she could share only to herself but apparently if the hotel was too booked, she would had to share. This might become troublesome because she brought quite a few things she didn't want other people to see. No it was not porn. Just a few ancient scrolls and data she have been secretly collecting from government and other groups.

"Well actually," she thought to herself. "It wouldn't be so lonely if I had a room mate. Just hope it's a blind room mate. Heh."

Yoruhime began to unpack her belongings. She had plan to investigate around once she's done organizing her things.

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