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Sorry guys my stupid internet wouldn't connect! I've added a new note on the Open Post in case I've gone.

So, here's my catching up!

Originally Posted by HolyAbyssal

He accepted her hand shake, and then took his bags from the coffee table. " Parents, getting away from family troubles, you know. " These weren't his actual intentions but they'd have to suffice.

" So, any idea on who else is going to room with us? " He said, placing his bags on one of the larger beds.

[Me too. :x]
In Character : I don't really know. There's at least 3 people in each dorm room, and the Desk Lady just puts people in random rooms, although all of the rooms up to the 47th floor are full, but mostly because those are 1 bed dorm rooms.

Out of Character : (lol alot of kids 0_0)

Originally Posted by Krakas
((OCC: Guess I'll nab that last spot, now we have one full room :3. This first post will be long, but the others will be shorter, promise. I have had experience with RP's before so I know not to play others chars and junk like that, but if I do something wrong don't hesitate to remind me :S))

"Gah...They really were serious about taking me to a good school to make me learn music." Leda sighed and face palmed at her lack of seriousness to the situation till just now. She was loitering in the academie's foyer, she honestly didn't want to be here right now.

"At least this place is well presented." Leda muttered to herself, indulging in the view presented to her. With all these columns and that granite reception desk, this place was no doubt pricy to her parents.

"Can I help you?" the receptionist noticed Leda pacing about blindly, wondering if she actually had any buisness here.

"Ah yeah, I transfered here. My name's Leda Swan." Leda quickly gathered a suitable composture as she spoke, first impressions always count afterall.

"Leda? The adopted child of Rumi the diva popstar?" the receptionist perked up in excitement, as if she met an actual celebrity. Leda didn't really like the popularity, it was like being an open diary for all to see, and she preferred her privacy.

"Yeah, I am." Leda was blunt, she was used to this now. "May I know my floor and room numbers so I can get myself unpacked?" She knew by now that being nonchalant about it would kill the excitement as quickly as it came, and for now it worked.

"Let me see." the receptionist checked her computer for Leda's room placement. "Floor 49, Room 487. You are with Rydia and Micajah, and have a nice stay at the academy. ()"

"Thanks." Leda was about to grab her bags when she remembered a question she wanted to ask. "Does this school have magic practices? And which instrument has my parents placed me under?"

"Yes, we do teach magic here. And it says here you're learning to play the keyboard." the receptionist was rather fast in response, at least she knew what she was talking about.

Leda wanted to run as far away as she could... the keyboard? She doesn't even know how to play a dam flute, let alone a keyboard. "Sweet, Is there any way to transfer some of my classes?"

"You can talk to the subject coordinator later, for now you should just get yourself sorted for school." the receptionist was right. Leda was going to be in for a rough ride, best to make the most of it. "Oh and don't forget; do not go past floor 50, ever."

Leda thanked the lady and went on her way. She shouldered her laptop case and carried her bags toward the working elevator, where she would be taken to her new room. "I hope my roomates are nice people, and not some mean freaks." Leda was already thinking pessimisticly.

When she reached the door she realized that the receptionist forgot to give her the key to her room. "For goodness sakes... hopefully someone is in there." Leda grumbled to herself as she knocked at the door, asking if anyone was present.
In Character : -Hears a Knock-

Rydia : I'll get it.

Rydia opens the door and sees a black-haired girl at the entrance.

"Oh, who would you be?"

Originally Posted by Yoruhime
(( OOC: Yes for roleplay! I posted my Character Info, which took like 1 hr... It's been a while since I rp'd, so please watch over me. One more thing, are all rooms shared? ))
Yoruhime stared hard out the car seat window. Raven Academy, the school filled with mysteries and dangers. It was also the place where she could find clues about that man. She clenched her fist harder at the thought. "Based on the information I've collected for years, this academy definitely has bonds tied with that man. This may actually be the final information I need to get his whereabouts."

"Hey," said a loud and rude voice, breaking through her thoughts. "We're here."

Yoruhime gave a glare to her young driver, a childhood friend. "Yeah, Captain Obvious. And geez, it's been 3 months and your driving sucks. I wonder how you past that test."

"Shut up." said the young man, as he got out of the car to get her belongings. "I wanna see YOU drive."

Opening the trunk, the man began to fling the luggages toward her. Yoruhime catches each of her luggage bags with ease. "Is Oriental Black in there?" she asked, referring to her sword.

"Yeah" he replied, slamming the trunk down. Refusing to look directly at her golden eyes, he gave a grumble. "Be careful in there."

Yoruhime smiles, "Don't worry. Quit underestimating me." And with that, she headed towards the entrance of the Academy. The young driver stared at her back with worried eyes as she walked further away; two ponytails flying along with the ominous wind.


"49th floor, Room 486" said the desk lady with a smile.
"Thanks," said Yoruhime. "By any chance, you---"
"Next," replied the desk lady with the same smile.
"Wha." It was almost like the lady knew what she was going to ask but simply ignores it.
Yoruhime moved to the side for the next person in line. "Ah well, I should settle down first before asking anything anyway."

Taking the elevator, she heads toward her room.
Very good ^_^

Originally Posted by Krakas
((OOC: My guess is that the rooms can share up to three people. By teh way, we has teh same eye colour XD. 'Cept mine is a shade of orange . The receptionist has a case of multiple personality disorder -_-''))
((I'm not sure, if your still on we could IC talk a little to pass the time? I'm still locked outside meh room :s))
if IC is some online chatting thing, I can't. if IC is in character, then we have to use OoC (Out of character) to talk.