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(( OOC: Yes for roleplay! I posted my Character Info, which took like 1 hr... It's been a while since I rp'd, so please watch over me. One more thing, are all rooms shared? ))
Yoruhime stared hard out the car seat window. Raven Academy, the school filled with mysteries and dangers. It was also the place where she could find clues about that man. She clenched her fist harder at the thought. "Based on the information I've collected for years, this academy definitely has bonds tied with that man. This may actually be the final information I need to get his whereabouts."

"Hey," said a loud and rude voice, breaking through her thoughts. "We're here."

Yoruhime gave a glare to her young driver, a childhood friend. "Yeah, Captain Obvious. And geez, it's been 3 months and your driving sucks. I wonder how you past that test."

"Shut up." said the young man, as he got out of the car to get her belongings. "I wanna see YOU drive."

Opening the trunk, the man began to fling the luggages toward her. Yoruhime catches each of her luggage bags with ease. "Is Oriental Black in there?" she asked, referring to her sword.

"Yeah" he replied, slamming the trunk down. Refusing to look directly at her golden eyes, he gave a grumble. "Be careful in there."

Yoruhime smiles, "Don't worry. Quit underestimating me." And with that, she headed towards the entrance of the Academy. The young driver stared at her back with worried eyes as she walked further away; two ponytails flying along with the ominous wind.


"49th floor, Room 486" said the desk lady with a smile.
"Thanks," said Yoruhime. "By any chance, you---"
"Next," replied the desk lady with the same smile.
"Wha." It was almost like the lady knew what she was going to ask but simply ignores it.
Yoruhime moved to the side for the next person in line. "Ah well, I should settle down first before asking anything anyway."

Taking the elevator, she heads toward her room.